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I was in a motorcycle accident, what benefits am I entitled to?

A motorcycle accident can be a catastrophic situation. With no protection, the victim is helpless during impact and the injuries can be severe.

There area number of rights and benefits for Michigan motorcycle accident victims if a motor vehicle, such as a car or truck, are involved. These benefits are called Michigan No-Fault benefits.

Michigan No-Fault benefits are available to Michigan motorcycle accident victims involving a motor vehicle, such as a car or truck. Even if you don’t own a car, as long as the motorcycle had proper insurance, you are entitled to Michigan no-fault benefits.

Typically, in a motorcycle accident the payment of Michigan No-Fault benefits comes from the auto insurance company insuring the car or truck involved in the accident. So it is vital you get the other person’s auto insurance information at the accident scene. You should also report any injuries to the police and medical personnel at the accident scene.

Michigan no-fault benefits are extensive, and include the payment of all hospital and doctor’s hills, rehabilitation and physical therapy, payment for prescription drugs and medical mileage. Michigan no-fault benefits also include wage loss for up to three years from the accident date and payment to the people helping you with basic tasks such as completing household chores or more personal attendant care.

In addition, if the accident was the fault of another person, you can make a claim for pain and suffering damages. This is a called a third-party claim. Compensation for pain and suffering typically comes from the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

Recently, the Michigan legislature enacted a new helmet law allowing certain people to not wear a helmet while riding. However, the Law Offices of Lee Steinberg recommends you wear a helmet whenever you are operating or riding on a motorcycle.

What to do next?

There are time limits in bringing a Michigan motorcycle accident claim for no-fault benefits or pain and suffering. This is called the statute of limitations so it is important to contact a lawyer and protect your legal rights.

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Application Of Benefits Form

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Application MI Assigned Claims Plan Form

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Wage Salary and Employee Benefits Verification Form

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Medical Mileage Reimbursement Request

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Q: How do I determine the extent of my motorcycle accident injuries?

A: Even if you are wearing a helmet, head injuries are very common in motorcycle accidents and often aren’t diagnosed until days or weeks after the accident.  It is important to seek medical care directly after the accident to determine the full extent of your injuries.

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