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The medical expense benefit is the centerpiece of the Michigan no-fault law.

The Michigan no-fault law provides that a person injured in a motor vehicle accident, such as a car or truck accident, is entitled to receive unlimited medical and rehabilitation care for life so long as it’s related to the accident.  This includes services such as hospital care, physical therapy, rehabilitation, surgical care and even modifications to the home or car.  The medical benefits are paid by the Michigan no-fault insurance carrier responsible for paying benefits on the claim.

Unlike other no-fault states, there is no dollar limitation to this benefit.  In other words, there is no annual limit or lifetime maximum that a person receives for medical treatment by the car insurance company.

Most no-fault policies are coordinated policies, meaning the auto insurance carrier is responsible for paying the hospital and medical bills that a primary insurer, such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield, does not pay.  However, if a Michigan car accident or Michigan truck accident victim does not have any health insurance, the auto insurance carrier must pay all the medical expenses related to the accident.

There are some important rules that must be followed though.  First, the medical service must be reasonably necessary for an injured person’s care, recovery or rehabilitation.  If the medical care is not related to the car accident, the car insurance company is not responsible for paying for that care.  Also, the medical charge must be reasonable and customary.  In fact, the charge for medical treatment can’t exceed the amount the facility or doctor customarily charges for medical services in cases with no health insurance.

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