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Michigan Car Accident FAQs – Admitting Fault

Should I Admit Fault For the Car Accident?

Owning up to causing a car or truck accident can be a difficult thing to do. If you were at-fault for causing the accident, then admitting fault to the other drivers and the police is not only the morally correct thing to do, it’s your legal obligation.However, if you were not at-fault for causing the car accident, it is vital to explain to the responding police officers at the accident scene that you did not cause the accident and why. Make sure you describe in detail how the accident occurred and why another motorist was at-fault.If there are witnesses to the accident, get their names and telephone numbers and ask them politely but sternly to stay at the accident scene so they can give their opinions to the police. It is also important you maintain the personal information of witnesses so they may be called at a later time, such as for a deposition or trial.Last, never admit fault to the police if you did not cause the accident. Sometimes police officers can assert blame to a driver even if that motorist did nothing wrong. Looking to finish the report and move on to the next call, the police officer may become intimidating and demand that you admit fault. Don’t back down. If you are innocent, and did not cause the accident, stick to your guns and explain again and again why the other motorist was guilty.Often police interrogations at accident scenes are recorded by police surveillance video. These interrogations can be one sided, but the audio surveillance will show this. In addition, the video will show that right from the start, you were adamant about your innocence and why the other motorist did something wrong. These initial impressions from the accident scene plays well for a jury.