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Michigan Car Accident FAQs – Doctor Visits

Should I See A Doctor After A Car Accident?

Unless you are involved in the most minor of fender-benders, you should always seek medical attention following a car accident. Even if you feel fine at the car accident scene, a medical professional can evaluate you and make a sound determination as to whether you are medically okay or not. Car accidents can cause serious internal injuries, including dissections and internal bleeding that don’t present themselves right away. An accident victim who thought he or she was fine immediately following a car accident can find themselves in a serious and potentially life-threatening medical condition merely a few hours later. Obviously, the costs of treatment are high. But under the Michigan no-fault law, a car insurance carrier is responsible for paying auto related medical treatment. So even if you don’t have health insurance, or your health insurance is limited, your medical bills will be covered by the auto insurance carrier. So don’t short yourself and get checked out. It is the best practice to ask for an ambulance while at the accident scene so medical personnel can evaluate you as quickly as possible. At the very least, you should schedule a doctor’s appointment with a family doctor or visit an urgent care as soon after the accident as practicable so an examination can occur. When at the doctor’s office, medical testing such as blood work and imaging scans can mean the difference between life and death. It is always the best policy to get checked out by a medical professional.