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Michigan Car Accident FAQs – Hiring a Lawyer

Should I Hire A Lawyer For A Car Accident Injury Case?

Car accidents are traumatic events. They involve a lot of documentation and paperwork, as well as important conversations with various insurance adjusters who often don’t have your best interests in mind. The laws in Michigan involving car collisions are complex. Frankly, every person should at least contact an attorney following a Michigan auto accident to get some advice and ensure he or she is doing the right thing. There are numerous benefits that many people are not aware they are entitled to following a car accident, and the insurance claim adjuster handling your claim will often not explain these benefits to you. For example, individuals injured in a car accident are entitled to 85% of their gross wages, reimbursement of out-pocket-costs and gas money and payment for all medical expenses related to the car accident. Family members who help care for the injured person are entitled to get paid for their work. Many insurance companies straight up fail to appraise claimants of these rights. By contacting a lawyer early on, you can educate yourself as to what information the insurance company is looking for. Armed with this information, you can then better communicate with the insurance company is you wish to do so. In addition, the insurance carrier for the at-fault vehicle is always working to downplay its responsibility. They want to pay as little money as possible for your injuries. To accomplish this, they will hire doctors to do medical record reviews or independent medical examinations (IME) to minimize your injuries and disabilities from the car accident. They may hire experts to dispute liability, or even worse blame you for the accident. Getting an attorney on your side early on can help turn the tide. For example, we work with a number of experts to ensure our client’s case is presented in the best way possible. We meet with treating physicians to better understand the nature of our client’s injuries and the prognosis for recovery. We meet with experts to ensure any junk the insurance company throws our way is rebuffed. Deciding on whether to hire an injury lawyer following the accident is an important decision. Although the thought of searching for and contacting a Michigan car accident lawyer can be overwhelming, lawyers provide a valuable and important role right from the outset of a case. If you have any questions about a Michigan no-fault car accident case, please give our office a call at 1-800-533-3733 (1-800-LEE-FREE) so we may answer your questions. The phone call is free and we don’t get a fee unless we win your case.