What Kinds of Medical Records Should I Keep After a Car Accident?

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Michigan Car Accident FAQs – Medical Records

What Kinds of Medical Records Should I Keep?

Medical records are a vital piece of evidence for your Michigan car accident injury claim. They provide details as to your injuries, the diagnosis, the types of medical treatment you received and why such treatment was needed. They also highlight whether or not your treating physicians relate your injuries and disabilities to the car accident. This is vital because if your own treating physicians will not relate your injuries and the need for treatment to the car accident, your ability to get compensation for your injuries is greatly compromised. If you wish to obtain medical records, you can do so by simply contacting the hospital or doctor’s office you sought treatment from. There may be a fee for obtaining your records. Typically, you will have to fill out an authorization or some other form to get the process started. When getting your medical records, also ask for any imaging studies (x-rays, CT scans and MRIs) we well. These studies should be provided to you on a CD or DVD. In addition, make sure your medical records include any disability slips and referrals your treating physicians completed. Most injured claimants do not order their own medical records. Medical records are typically ordered by your attorney. Copying charges can be quite expensive. Hospitals and doctors use independent medical copy services to provide medical records to attorney offices and charge accordingly. However, if you wish to obtain your own medical records, you may do so.