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Michigan Car Accident FAQs – Police Involvement

Should I Call The Police After An Accident?

Yes. Always contact the police following a Michigan car crash. This is important no matter the severity of the crash. First, a police report is necessary to quickly make a claim for vehicle damage with your insurance company. Under the Michigan mini-tort law, you can obtain up to a $1,000 for your vehicle damage from the other driver so long as the other driver was at-fault for causing the accident. The police report is typically used by the car insurance carrier in determining whether or not to pay the mini-tort claim. Second, a police investigation is important so the proper person at-fault for causing the accident is identified and cited by the authorities at the time of the accident. Even if a ticket is not given to the at-fault driver, the police will assign a hazard action to the at-fault driver, thus assigning negligence to that person. This information is later used by the insurance company in deciding whether or not to accept liability for car accident injuries. Without the report, it can be much more difficult to quickly obtain compensation. In addition, the police can analyze and evaluate how the accident occurred. The police can obtain the name, address, telephone numbers and insurance information of the individuals involved in the auto crash. They can talk to witnesses and put their information in the police report. They can obtain video surveillance of the area. A responding officer may take measurements of skid marks, record vehicle damage information or take photographs of the accident scene for later use. All of these items are important pieces of evidence that can be very important in a claim for Michigan no-fault benefits or in a negligence claim.