Do I Need a Copy of the Police Report Following A Car Accident?

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Michigan Car Accident FAQs – Police Report

Why Is It Important To Get A Copy of the Police Report Following A Car Accident?

Getting a police report after a car accident is important. The report provides you with most of the details stemming from the car accident. This information is vital in making insurance claims and obtaining benefits. After every car accident, the responding police officers will complete what’s known in Michigan as a Traffic Crash Report, or UD-10 Report. This report details all the pertinent facts surrounding the accident, including the names, addresses, telephone numbers of all motorists involved, the names and details of passengers, the make and model of the vehicles, whether an ambulance was called, auto insurance information, plate information as well as vehicle damage. In addition, the report contains a narrative section, which is supposed to detail how the incident occurred and who was at fault. A hazard action will be assigned. If a driver is assigned a hazard action of “00” or none, then the driver is not at-fault. However, if a number is provided then some form of fault was assigned to the driver. The police report provides a wealth of information. This information is then used by the car insurance companies in deciding whether or not to pay compensation. For example, under Michigan’s mini-tort law a person may receive their deductible up to $1,000 from the other driver for the property damage he or she caused. However, if you were placed at-fault for causing the accident, the other person’s insurance carrier may not make a mini-tort recovery available. The other driver’s insurance carrier will also use the police report to determine fault for purposes of paying pain and suffering compensation. Under Michigan law, the other defendant driver must be at-least 50% at-fault for causing the accident for the plaintiff to obtain pain and suffering compensation. If you are more than 50% at-fault, you cannot recovery pain and suffering. The police report is the first point of reference insurance companies use when making a liability determination. Because of this, its important to get a copy of the report to review it and be able to combat any negative things about the accident that are incorrect.