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Michigan Car Accident FAQs – Rental Car

Can I Get A Rental Car If I’m In A Michigan Car Accident?

A lot of Michigan car accidents involve severe car damage. When this happens, the vehicle will need to be repaired or the insurance company will total it. Obviously, this leaves the motorist without the use of that ride. When this occurs, the motorist will want to turn to an alternative form of transportation, such as a rental vehicle. However, are people involved in a Michigan car wreck entitled to a rental vehicle? The answer is it depends on whether your purchased rental car coverage for your own policy. The other person’s car insurance is not applicable. Even if the motorist ran a red light and caused all the vehicle damage that disabled your own car, their insurance company does not have to supply a rental vehicle during the repair process. Instead, a claimant must turn to his or her own insurance carrier. If the person has purchased rental coverage, then the insurance company will pay for a rental car. Typically, car rental coverage varies by the amount of time it will cover a rental car. In addition, the amount of coverage per day will also vary. For example, some policies may allow $75 per day in rental car coverage, while others may be much less. Some Michigan car insurance policies will pay for a car rental for 3 weeks or longer, while others have much shorter coverage periods. It all depends on what coverage the policyholder purchased.