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Michigan Dog Bite FAQs – Leash Law

What is the Michigan Dog Leash Law?

The Michigan Leash Law had been around in various forms for close to 100 years. Under the law, which is found within MCL 287.262, no dog owner shall allow his or her dog to stray unless held properly in leash. In practice this applies to dogs that are not on the owner’s property. The Michigan Leash Law is another way to prove negligence on the part of a dog owner for a dog bite or dog attack.

Unfortunately, dog training experts agree that nearly all dogs are capable of biting, even the good, trained ones. A dog that bites can be caused from several reasons, including excitement, fear and even dominance. Dog owners do have the responsibility to keep their dogs under control though. The principal defendant in most Michigan dog bite and dog attack cases is the dog owner.

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