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Airshow Plane Crash in Northern California Kills Pilot

The Thunder Over Solano airshow was halted when an old vintage biplane crashed killing pilot Edward Andreini, age 77. The crash involved a World War II era 1944 Stearman biplane that was commonly used to train pilots.

Andreini was killed while performing a ribbon cutting: a move where he flew low to the ground and attempted to cut a ribbon with a knife mounted to the top of his plane while flying upside down.

According to spectators, an explosion and black cloud of thick smoke engulfed the plane as it crashed against the tarmac. 5 minutes followed before a crew was able to get to the wreckage. No one else was injured in the crash but over 100,000 spectators witnessed the horrific plane accident. Our condolences go out to the families and friends affected by this tragedy.

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