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What Is the Assigned Claims Facility and How Do I Apply?

This blog describes the assigned claims facility (ACF) in Michigan for no-fault benefits.  It also will describe how to apply for Michigan no-fault benefits using the assigned claims plan.

As a review, just because you don’t have car insurance doesn’t mean you can’t obtain Michigan no-fault benefits if you are injured in a car accident.  Under the Michigan no-fault law, so long as you are not in your own uninsured vehicle when the accident occurs, you are most likely entitled to Michigan no-fault benefits.

But what happens if you don’t have car insurance, you don’t live with any family members with car insurance and the vehicle involved in the accident was uninsured?  Typically, in this situation, the state of Michigan will assign an insurance company to pay the no-fault claim.  This is called the assigned claims plan.

In 1973, the State of Michigan established the Michigan Assigned Claims Plan (MACP) to provide no-fault benefits to people injured in car accidents, truck accidents and motorcycle accidents when a motor vehicle is involved who were not insured.  Last year, the state legislature moved the plan away from the Secretary of State.  The Michigan Automobile Insurance Placement Facility now administers the plan.

To file a claim under the MACP, you must complete an application first.  For decades, the application was short and did not require a lot of background information.   However, since the Michigan Automobile Insurance Placement Facility began to administer the assigned claims plan, the application is longer and requires much more information.

Please click here to down the application.

As the application shows, the applicant must provide personal information (address, phone number), a description of the accident, medical treatment required after the accident as well as injury information.  The application also asks detailed questions about wage loss information (employer information), health insurance, and lots of questions about car ownership.  It is important to answer all of these questions.

At the end of the application, the applicant will be asked to affirm he or she is not committing insurance fraud and the applicant must also sign and date a release form that allows the MACP to obtain the applicants medical records.

Once the application is completed, sign and date it and return it to the MACP along with a proof of loss.  A proof of loss is proof that the applicant was involved in a motor vehicle accident.  This typically is the police report or a copy of the emergency room medical records directly following the accident.

The address for the MACP is found on page 4 of the application, but here it is for your information:

Michigan Assigned Claims Plan

c/o Michigan Automobile Insurance Placement Facility

P.O. Box 532318

Livonia, MI 48153

If you have any questions about completing the application, the Michigan Assigned Claims Plan, or Michigan no-fault benefits in general, please contact us at 1-800-LEE-FREE (1-800-533-3733).  Our experienced team of Michigan no-fault lawyers can answer your questions and put you in the right direction.