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The Lee Steinberg Law Firm 2018 Year In Review

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2018 Case Review and Large Settlements Represented by The Lee Steinberg Law Firm, P.C.

As we welcome 2019 with reading cheer and more educational posts for our blog followers, we also wanted to take a few minutes to review a few personal injury cases that ended in great favor for several of our clients in 2018. While many of these individuals are still recovering from invasive surgeries and ongoing recovery treatments while struggling to adapt to new daily lives, many have returned back to work and are able to participate in their regular family activities rather than being hammered by medical bills, ongoing discomfort, emotional strains and financial woes. We are excited to see each and everyone one of them move on after enduring months of painful healing and frustration, and eager to help another group of Michigan personal injury victims seek justice in the new year.

Genesee County: A woman driving in Genesee County was killed when a tire on a commercial vehicle fell off the truck, flew over the median wall and through the window of her vehicle. The woman died almost instantly at the accident scene. The defendant denied liability and notice of the defective wheel. After a thorough investigation of the vehicle and wheel, which included the hiring of multiple experts and investigators, our firm stabled liability on the part of the defendant. The case settled for $1,885,000 for the victim’s estate.

Shiawassee County: Our client was severely injured in a car accident when another driver failed to stop at a traffic sign. Our client became trapped in his vehicle, was bleeding profusely, and had to be extracted by EMS personnel and fire fighters using the “Jaws of Life,” a huge tool used to free people from mangled cars. Although liability was first disputed, our legal team worked hard to collect and present a thorough investigation. Eventually, the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier accepted responsibility. Our client required a left shoulder repair, two low back fusion surgeries, dental surgery and also suffered depression and memory loss from the horrific accident earning him a $1,000,000 settlement.

Detroit: An Uber customer, riding as a back-seat passenger, was injured when a hit-and-run driver violently rear-ended the ride-share vehicle. The passenger suffered severe injuries to both his neck and back, requiring surgeries and extensive ongoing medical treatment. Like with most hit-and-run drivers, the at-fault vehicle was never located and the negligent driver remains unknown. A claim for both outstanding no-fault benefits as well as uninsured motorist benefits were filed against the insurance carrier for Uber, James River Insurance. The case settled at arbitration for over $1 million.

West Detroit: Our client was walking on a westside Detroit sidewalk when an uninsured driver jumped the curb and struck him with their vehicle, causing serious injuries. The automobile no-fault insurance company responsible for paying our client’s medical bills and treatment balked at paying. The bills included in-patient treatment at a full-service rehabilitation facility. The Lee Steinberg Law Firm, P.C. secured the payment of all of our client’s medical bills and resolved the case for $696,000.

Southfield: This case shows slips and falls are happening and when they do, can cause horrendous injuries. The incident occurred when our client was teaching a class in a building and slipped and fell on a floor that had just been mopped. The company responsible for mopping the floor did not place a “warning” sign near the area to alert people of the wet floor hazard. Our client had a severe right leg injury resulting in multiple knee surgeries. She settled with $550,000 to cover damages and support her recovery.

Macomb County: Our client was operating his car on a Macomb County roadway when another vehicle coming the other direction crossed into his lane and struck him in a head-on collision. The defendant driver was cited for careless driving. The accident caused our elderly client to sustain five fractured ribs, a right medial tibial fracture (which required months of immobilization) and eventually a total knee replacement, post-concussive syndrome as well as other ailments. A pre-lawsuit facilitation resolved the case for $550,000.

Oakland County: A woman was injured in Oakland County when the steps on her porch broke after years of neglect by her landlord. She sustained a low back injury which required surgery and the case was closed under a $450,000 settlement.

Wayne County: While being transported in a medical van for dialysis treatment, a woman in Wayne County was involved in an accident when the driver of the van suddenly slammed on the brakes. The driver failed to properly secure our client’s wheelchair, causing her to fall out of the wheelchair onto her left side. Our client sustained multiple leg fractures resulting in several surgeries and medical complications earning her $400,000 in damages.

The client’s featured in this post experienced severe and fatal injuries as well as post-accident medical treatments that were extensive. Some sustained traumatic brain injuries (TBI), broken bones, surgery complications and long recoveries, not to mention the post-traumatic stress, emotional demands and loss in quality of life created by someone else’s negligence.

This list only reflects a small amount of the amazing Michiganders we were able to create relationships with and support with legal help in 2018. We know with all of our cases and settlements earned, our clients and their families can now move on with the best possible outcomes. Our entire staff at The Lee Steinberg Law Firm is so grateful for everyone’s recovery and thankful to have worked proudly on their behalf each and every day of the year.

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