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Boating Accidents & Deaths Continue to Rise in Michigan

Michigan Waters See Hike in Boating Injuries During July and August Since 2012, the number of recreational boating accidents and related deaths in Michigan continue to increase sparking the U.S. Coast Guard to report 92 boat accidents in 2012 vs. 125 in 2016. Boating accident deaths also increased from 21 in 2012 to nearly doubling […]

7 Safety Tips For Your Lake Michigan Summer Vacation

7 Swimming Safety Tips To Follow While Visiting Lake Michigan Beaches The Michigan coastline along the east side of Lake Michigan has been ranked the deadliest for water-related incidents, according to 15 years of data from the National Weather Service. A current rescue project led by the State of Michigan, reports that last year’s drowning numbers nearly doubled […]

Summer in Michigan: 6 Tips for Safe Boat and RV Towing

Camping and Boating Season is in Full Swing, Tow The Right Way To Avoid Accidents The warm Michigan weather is finally here!  And as many begin to gear up for summer vacation, many Michigan residents and visitors alike will be traveling to their favorite camping spot or fishing lake with a load in tow.  Unfortunately, […]

Texting and Driving Applies to Michigan Boat Owners Too

Michigan Boaters Shouldn’t Text and Drive Michigan has approximately 3,288 miles of Great Lakes coastline, more than 10,000 inland lakes and ponds and a 35,000-mile web of freshwater rivers, streams, and wetlands. Rightfully so, Michigan leads the nation for registered boats being driven by plenty of people who are likely owners of smartphones and other […]