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Insured Michigan Drivers Ranked Best in the Country

Michigan’s Insured Drivers Ranked at the Top for Being Best on The Road A study led and recently released in early 2019 by online insurance resource Quote Wizard says Michigan’s insured drivers are the best in the U.S. The research group sampled incident statistics (with more than two million data points) from the users of online [...]

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Michigan Legislature Attacks No-Fault Law During Lame Duck

No-Fault Law Under Attack The Michigan legislature is making a last second run to dismantle the Michigan no-fault automobile law during the last week of this year’s tumultuous and controversial lame duck session. The Michigan legislature has already passed a number of controversial bills this lame duck season. In fact, Governor Snyder may end up [...]

Wage Loss and Survivors’ Benefits Maximum Increases for Michigan No-Fault Cases

Michigan No-Fault Maximum Benefit Increases On October 1, 2018, the Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS) issued Bulletin 2018-19-INS, which changed the monthly maximum Michigan auto insurance carriers must pay for both wage loss and survivors’ loss benefit claims. For Michigan motor vehicle accidents that occur between October 1, 2018 to September 30, 2019, [...]

Insurance Companies Accusing Drivers of Fraud is a Despicable New Tactic

My Car Insurance Company Is Accusing Me of Fraud, What Are They Talking About? Detroit Car Accident Injury – Insurance Fraud Getting involved in a Michigan car accident is a traumatic and often life altering event. There are number of different things to take care of after a car crash, from getting the car repaired [...]

Bazzi v. Sentinel Insurance Company – Michigan Supreme Court Rules on Insurance Fraud Case

Insurance Fraud Case Comes to a Conclusion The Michigan Supreme Court issued its highly anticipated decision in the Bazzi v. Sentinel Insurance case and it’s a victory of sorts for both sides. The case involves the ability of individuals to obtain Michigan no-fault benefits from an auto insurance company when the policyholder procured or purchased [...]

Are Michigan Laws Too Lenient with Speeding and Reckless Driving?

New Report Shows Michigan’s Drivers Are Getting Away with Speeding and Recklessness Too Often A new report by personal finance website, WalletHub, reviewed 2018's Strictest and Most Lenient States on Speeding and Reckless Driving. Michigan landed in the 13th most lenient of all U.S. states for risky driving and driving too fast, not something to [...]

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Michigan No-Fault Benefits Apply If An Injury Occurs While Performing Maintenance on Vehicle

Car Maintenance Provides No-Fault Benefits Woodring v. Phoenix Insurance Company Michigan drivers involved in a car accident are entitled to Michigan no-fault benefits. These benefits range from the payment of wage loss benefits, to payment of all medical expenses to the payment to friends or medical professionals who assist a car accident victim in recovering [...]

What Is An Exam Under Oath?

How Do Insurance Carriers Defend Claims? Insurance carriers live to dispute claims. They take your hard-earned money, then delay, deny and eventually defend when a lawsuit is brought against them. Michigan injury attorneys know this scheme all too well, and it is why we fight everyday for our clients. One of the many ways they [...]

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What Is the Cost of Not Having Michigan Car Insurance?

The Cost of Michigan Car Insurance is High, But the Cost of Not Having it Can Be Much Worse The high cost of Michigan car insurance has been an ongoing issue for awhile now. The insurance industry blames medical providers and even trial lawyers for running up large medical bills following car accidents, thus causing [...]

My Car Insurance Company is Claiming Fraud: What Do I Do?

Material Misrepresentation in Michigan Car Accident Cases A recent trend our law firm has seen this year is a number of Michigan car insurance carriers are denying otherwise valid no-fault PIP claims by alleging there was a material misrepresentation by the claimant or the policyholder. These insurance companies, from Progressive to National General, argue that [...]