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Serious Impairment of Body Function – MCL 500.3135(5) – Plaintiff in Wayne County Car Accident Fails to Meet Threshold

Just because you are injured in a car accident caused by a negligent driver in Michigan does not mean you are entitled to compensation. Michigan is a no-fault state and with that comes special rules that other states don’t follow. One of these special rules involves an injured person from a Michigan car collision proving […]

Driving “High” In Michigan Is Illegal and Can Lead to Car Accidents and Serious Injuries

Key Points of This Article: Marijuana and other drugs contribute to nearly three million people injured in car accidents every year.  Studies published by The American Journal on Addictions show marijuana and other drug use can interfere with a driver’s reaction time and response to road emergencies.  Several police units in Michigan are trained to recognize high-on-marijuana operators […]

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries to Michigan Riders

Key Points of This Article: According to Michigan State Police, nearly 2,750 crashes involving motorcycles happen each year, resulting in about 2,000 injuries. Common motorcycle accident injuries can range from mild road rash and scarring to severely broken bones and traumatic brain injuries. Motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to die in a roadway accident […]

What Types of Motorcycle Insurance Should I Look For?

Key Points of This Article: It is estimated that in some parts of Michigan, up to 50% of motorists do not have insurance coverage, making it difficult for motorcyclists to recover from an accident caused by another driver. Several types of motorcycle insurance policies can be purchased and include options for extra coverage, such as […]

Kalamazoo Car Accident Injury – Court Rules Plaintiff Can Pursue Pain and Suffering Claim

The Michigan Court of Appeals issued a ruling on a Kalamazoo car accident case this month that was interesting. It allowed the plaintiff to move forward with his case for pain and suffering compensation. The case is called Birchfield v. Chiodo, docket no. 348386 (unpublished, 6/25/2020). The case involves a Western Michigan University student who […]