Do I Have An Injury Case If I Don’t Have Motorcycle Insurance?

Insurance Rules in the Event of a Michigan Motorcycle Crash With the weather finally improving, Michigan motorcycle enthusiasts are ready to hit the road once again. Unfortunately, while riding is run and exhilarating, motorcycle accidents are a fact of life. What are the rules for motorcycles following an accident? If you don’t have bike insurance, [...]

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Tips for Your Michigan Motorcycle Trip

FREE Guide to Prepare Your Michigan Group Motorcycle Trip Group motorcycle riding can be a great experience in Michigan. The state boasts roadways that hug Lake Michigan shorelines and make for some of the most scenic rides in the country. A ride can quickly become tragic though when common sense, respect for other drivers, and [...]

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More Michigan Motorcyclists & Warmer Weather Increase Accident Risks in 2017

Safe Spring Motorcycle Riding With spring’s arrival, motorcyclists are pulling their bikes out from the winter garage and already starting to log the miles across Michigan roadways. Analysts predict there will be another jump in the amounts of motorcycles on the road again this year with latest data (2015) from the Federal Highway Administration showcasing [...]

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Head Injuries Increase After Repeal of Motorcycle Helmet Law

Michigan repealed its mandatory motorcycle helmet law in April 2012. Advocates of the repeal claimed it would positively impact tourism, somehow convincing multitudes of motorcyclists to descend upon the state (without helmets). New research conducted jointly by the University of Michigan and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) confirms an unintended, not certainly not [...]

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May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Michigan Governor, Rick Snyder, has declared May to be Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. In the proclamation, Governor Snyder refers to the nearly 500,000 licensed motorcycle operators in the state of Michigan, and the ensuing importance of quality education and training programs relative to motorcycle operation. Secretary of State, Ruth Johnson, and the Michigan chapter of [...]

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Michigan Motorcycle Accident Attorneys – Motorcycle Law

Michigan motorcycle accidents are a special type of claim under Michigan car accident law. This article helps explain motorcycle accident law and the rules and exceptions motorcycle accidents are guided by. The Michigan No-Fault Law provides numerous benefits for individuals injured due to a motor vehicle accident. The word “motor vehicle” is very important. Under [...]

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