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The Destruction of the “Grand Bargain” – Republican No-Fault Bills and Third-Party Claims

Michigan No-Fault Injury Lawyers Since SB 1 and HB 4397 were introduced out of nowhere a few weeks ago, all the talk in Lansing and throughout the state has centered around PIP choice and the limitations on medical coverage both legislative pieces entail. This is not surprising given the proposals are radical, seeking to curtail [...]

Michigan Legislature Attacks No-Fault Law During Lame Duck

No-Fault Law Under Attack The Michigan legislature is making a last second run to dismantle the Michigan no-fault automobile law during the last week of this year’s tumultuous and controversial lame duck session. The Michigan legislature has already passed a number of controversial bills this lame duck season. In fact, Governor Snyder may end up [...]

SB 1017 Passes Senate in Lame Duck – Seeks to Grant Immunity to All Premises Owners and Landlords

Harmful Bill Passes Through Michigan Senate If you think the pot holes and roads are bad now, just wait if Senate Bill 1017 becomes law. Passed out of the Republican controlled state Senate during the lame duck session today without any hearings, discussions or fanfare, SB 1017 acts to codify the “open and obvious” rule [...]

Vote for Cavanagh and Bagenstos for Michigan Supreme Court

The Law Offices of Lee Steinberg, P.C. Proudly Endorses Cavanagh and Bagenstos for Michigan Supreme Court This Tuesday, Michigan residents go to the polls to vote on a number of positions and proposals. The election during this mid-term season includes selecting a new governor, new Attorney General, new Secretary of State, as we well as [...]

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Michigan State Senate Seeks to Protect Landowners in Premises Cases

New Bill Hurts Victims in Slip & Fall Cases Last week, a committee in the Michigan state Senate passed a bill out of committee on a 3-1 party line vote that would have severe repercussions for individuals injured due to the negligence of a landowner. The bill affects people injured in Michigan slip and fall [...]

Michigan No-Fault Benefits Apply If An Injury Occurs While Performing Maintenance on Vehicle

Car Maintenance Provides No-Fault Benefits Woodring v. Phoenix Insurance Company Michigan drivers involved in a car accident are entitled to Michigan no-fault benefits. These benefits range from the payment of wage loss benefits, to payment of all medical expenses to the payment to friends or medical professionals who assist a car accident victim in recovering [...]

What Is An Exam Under Oath?

How Do Insurance Carriers Defend Claims? Insurance carriers live to dispute claims. They take your hard-earned money, then delay, deny and eventually defend when a lawsuit is brought against them. Michigan injury attorneys know this scheme all too well, and it is why we fight everyday for our clients. One of the many ways they [...]

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Medicaid Work Requirement Legislation Creates Void For Many Disabled

Michigan Social Security Disability Lawyers The Michigan State senate passed a controversial bill last month that would require Medicaid recipients who are considered “able bodied” to work at least 29 hours per-week to continue receiving health care benefits. The Senate bill contains a number of onerous provisions that make it difficult for well-meaning people to [...]

Good Luck Recovering Underinsured Motorist Benefits from Farm Bureau Insurance

Farm Bureau Insurance – Underinsured Motorist Coverage That Does Not Exist Obtaining compensation following a car accident is never easy in Michigan. Getting compensation for underinsured motorist benefits (UIM) is even more difficult. But getting these benefits from Farm Bureau Insurance might take the cake in level of frustration and ridiculousness. There is perhaps no [...]

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Michigan 7-Day Auto Insurance Needs To Go

7-Day Insurance Policies Ultimately Harm Those Who Purchase Them There has been a lot of press recently about the cost of Michigan auto insurance. Michigan is the only state that offers unlimited medical expense protection from a car insurance carrier following a Michigan car accident. This means an individual injured in a car accident can [...]