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How Long Does It Take To Be Approved for Social Security Disability or SSI?

Michigan Disability Lawyers There is not a set time frame for how long it takes to be approved for Social Security Disability benefits. The length of time depends on whether the applicant is approved at the initial claim stage or later on during the appeal process after a hearing. Each level of the process takes [...]

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Delay, Deny, Defend

One of the standard practices by insurance companies in my experience is the delay, deny and defend method of claims handling. This is especially true in first-party no-faultcar accident cases involving the payment of basic benefits, such as loss wages and the payment of medical expenses. Delay, Deny, Defend: The method is simple. First, delay [...]

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Michigan Social Security Disability Law

I am often asked by clients about Social Security Disability, specifically what is social security disability (SSD), how does somebody qualify. To start Social Security Disability is a benefit received from the Social Security Administration by disabled workers, and in some cases, their dependents, that are similar to old-age benefits received by retired workers. Typically, [...]

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