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County Executives Come Out Against Michigan No-Fault Reform

You don’t see Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson and Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano agree on much these days, but they do agree on this – the latest attempt by the House Republican Leadership to “reform” Michigan’s no-fault law should be soundly rejected. Speaking at Walking the Line to SCI Recovery in Southfield Michigan, a […]

Michigan Insurance Fraud Drops Again

Despite what you may hear on TV, or what insurance companies want you to believe, insurance fraud has decreased yet again Michigan. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), an organization run by insurance companies “exclusively dedicated to preventing, detecting and defeating insurance fraud”, the number of QCs, or Questionable Claims, dropped again in […]

Michigan Slip and Fall case – Plaintiff wins

Well, something rare has happened.  In a Michigan slip and fall case, the plaintiff was victorious.  In a change of pace from our state court judges, federal district court Judge Avern Cohn ruled favorably for a woman who fell at a Macy’s Department Store, holding the vicious “open and obvious” doctrine did not bar her […]