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Michigan’s Most Dangerous Intersections During Winter Months

TAKE EXTRA PRECAUTIONS WHEN TRAVELING THROUGH SNOW AND ICE FILLED INTERSECTIONS MLive’s Chief Meteorologist Mark Torregrossa recently compiled a list of Michigan’s most dangerous intersections when snow and ice are present. He used accident reports from the Michigan State Police dating 2012 – 2016. Ice, snow, wind and below-freezing temperatures often combine to make winter […]

Michigan Bike Accident – Tragedy and Solutions

Michigan Bicycle Accident Lawyers The tragic and absolutely devastating bicycle deaths that occurred near Kalamazoo last week highlight the growing problems bicyclists and motorists are facing on Michigan roadways. The accident occurred when a man driving a pickup truck plowed into a group of bicyclists. The collision results in the deaths of 5 bicyclists, with […]

Understanding Michigan Dog Bite Law

Michigan Dog Bites and Dog Attacks Few things are more frightening than being attacked by a dog. A common type of personal injury, dog bites leave scars, both physical and emotional. In extreme cases, dog attacks can be fatal. In 2012, Michigan ranked 12th in the nation in dog bites, with the number of dog […]

New Laws In Michigan For No Fault

Michigan No Fault Law Explained How does the Michigan No Fault Insurance Law work? In order to legally drive a motor vehicle in Michigan, that vehicle has to be covered by a basic No Fault Insurance. The owner of the vehicle needs to present proof of insurance in order to obtain a license plate, driving […]