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Acquiring Evidence for a Personal Injury Claim

Winning your Michigan personal injury case can often come down to having the right evidence on your side. When you file a claim or lawsuit, but lack sufficient evidence to prove your case, your chance of success decreases immensely. The Michigan personal injury lawyers encourage you to follow these tips to win your case. At […]

Michigan Court of Appeals Renders Split Decisions

The Michigan Court of Appeals came down with two differing rulings on similar cases last week. The cases involve a plaintiff’s ability to obtain pain and suffering compensation in a Michigan car accident case. Under Michigan law, a plaintiff must have sustained a “serious impairment of bodily function” to be eligble for pain and suffering […]

Woodman v. Kera – Children Win

The Michigan Supreme Court issued it’s opinion in the closely watched Woodman v. Kera case. It was a much needed victory for accident victims. The case involved a parent who signed a pre-injury liability waiver prior to his son using an inflatable play equipment, or Bouncer. In this case, Trent Woodman’s father signed such a […]