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Safety Tips for You Fall Corn Mazes, Hayrides & Other Activities

How To Avoid Common Injuries While Enjoying Michigan’s Favorite Fall Activities

It is fall in Michigan and that means endless opportunities to plow through a corn maze or hop on a hayride with your family. These can be such memorable and enjoyable experiences for all ages but they also can come with a risk to personal injury. Be sure to follow all signage and directions while enjoying your fall stops along with these tips.

Corn Mazes Provide Great Fun If Completed Safely

  • Fire hazards. Never smoke while in the maze. The dry corn stalk could easily catch fire.
  • Stay connected. Some mazes provide young children and groups with flags to wave in the air if they get lost. There are also mazes that have call boxes that will turn on a light to alert an attendant that you are lost or need assistance. Equip your maze group with flashlights and cell phones and try to stick together.
  • Stay on the path. Don’t travel outside of the maze’s path. There may be a busy road or unknown property, unsafe farm equipment, animals, or water hazards beyond the corn stalks.
  • Watch for hazards. Rain can create muddy, wet and slippery surfaces. Fallen corn stalks or rocks may also be a tripping hazard, so watch your step.

Enjoy The Ride

  • Hang on tight. There are rarely seatbelts on these rides. Hold on to small children and any pumpkin pickings. Keep a tight grip on railings, as bumps could easily bounce all off of their seat.
  • Horse vs. tractor. If the hayride is horse-drawn, be careful around the horse and do not approach it if the hayride operator states not to. If it is a tractor pulling the wagon, do not touch it as there are many handles and buttons that could accidentally be pushed. The tractor could also be hot from running for a long period.
  • Not a pedestrian area. Do not walk in the hayride path. Stay in a safe, well-lit area when you are not riding.
  • Sit down. Be sitting at all times during the hayride and all arms and legs are kept inside the wagon.
  • Wait for the ride to stop. Be cautious when loading and unloading from the hayride. Make sure the hayride is at a complete stop before getting on or off.
  • Watch your feet. If there are steps, they could be slippery because of the hay or straw. Be careful when finding a place to sit. Your foot could easily slip between bales if you walk on them.

If you have been injured in a corn maze, on a hayride, or during other fall activities, and you believe it was caused by the negligence of somebody else, there are a number of actions you should take.

1) If you are hurt, it is important you seek medical attention immediately.

2) Get as much information as possible about what caused your injury. This includes photographs, names, and telephone numbers of witnesses. Also, note the conditions in the area at the time of the fall.

3) Talk to the manager in charge of the premises where the injury occurred. Explain that you were hurt and why. Never provide a written statement though. And most importantly, do not talk to an insurance representative of the building owner without first contacting an attorney.

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