Head Injuries on the Rise After Motorcycle Helmet Law Repeal

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Head Injuries Increase After Repeal of Motorcycle Helmet Law

Michigan repealed its mandatory motorcycle helmet law in April 2012. Advocates of the repeal claimed it would positively impact tourism, somehow convincing multitudes of motorcyclists to descend upon the state (without helmets). New research conducted jointly by the University of Michigan and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) confirms an unintended, not certainly not unforeseeable, side effect: increased head injuries.

In the year after the universal motorcycle helmet law was repealed, there was a 14% increase in the number of trauma center patients with head injuries as a result of motorcycle accidents. Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, there was not a notable increase in the motorcycle accident fatality rate though data continues to show the risk of death doubles for motorcyclists who get in an accident without a helmet on their heads. The increase in traumatic head injuries is a significant concern, however, as they may leave survivors permanently disabled.

Whole Families Are Changed By Head Injuries

Closed head injuries and traumatic brain injuries impact more than the survivor of the accident. Usually, an entire family will undergo serious life changes when adapting to a new world involving a family member with a head injury. The learning curve is steep, and physical, emotional, and occupational therapy can be extensive and go on for a lifetime. Home care requirements depend on the severity of the injury, but can quickly turn family member’s lives upside-down. Private home care or skilled nursing can go a long way toward easing the burden of care, but both are expensive and require resources. Even if home care is not required at all, family members may have difficulty adapting to other symptoms related to the accident and head injury, such as depression or PTSD. These psychological illnesses have costs as well, both to the victim and to their family.

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