Is My Landlord Obligated to Keep Common Areas in Good Repair?

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Is My Landlord Obligated to Keep the Common Areas in Good Repair?

Lease agreements generally dictate what a renter and landlord’s obligations are, but there are certain provisions required by law that impose duties on the different parties. One of these provisions is the covenant, or promise, that your landlord keeps all common areas and other premises in a condition fir for their intended use.  In addition, the landlord must keep the premises in “reasonable repair” during the term of the lease contract (unless the tenant purposely creates the dangerous condition). That means that these areas must conform to the applicable health and safety laws of the state. Check out that statute:

554.139 Lease or license of residential premises; covenants; modifications; liberal construction, inspection.

Sec. 39.

  1. In every lease or license of residential premises, the lessor or licensor covenants:
    1. That the premises and all common areas are fit for the use intended by the parties.
    2. To keep the premises in reasonable repair during the term of the lease or license, and to comply with the applicable health and safety laws of the state and of the local unit of government where the premises are located, except when the disrepair or violation of the applicable health or safety laws has been caused by the tenants willful or irresponsible conduct or lack of conduct.

This statute is very important.  Unlike retail stores or shopping centers, landlords have a specific statute that requires them to make sure their rentals are in reasonable repair for their tenants.  So if the landlord knew or reasonably should have known about a hazard or problem in the house or apartment, and the hazard or problem was unreasonably dangerous and causes a personal injury, the landlord can be held responsible.

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