Local Law Firm Exceeds Food Bank Fundraising Goal

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Local Law Firm Exceeds Detroit Food Bank Fundraising Goal

food bank fundraiser

Key Points of This Article:

  • The Lee Steinberg Law Firm has raised over $4K to allow for the Metro Detroit community to have greater access to Gleaners Community Food Bank.
  • The Michigan law office launched its Facebook fundraiser in April and has since matched more than $2,100 in monetary donations to help keep food on the table of Michigan families impacted by COVID-19 disruptions.
  • Online donations will continue to be accepted by the law firm through June and encouraged to be made directly to Gleaners in the future.
  • Local food banks help the unemployed, school-age children, the elderly, and families in need of nutritious meals.

The Lee Steinberg Law Firm Doubles Gleaners Community Food Bank Fundraising Goal

As the COVID-19 outbreak began to show its impact in Michigan, the team at the Lee Steinberg Law Firm, P.C. decided to host an online matching fundraising campaign on Facebook for Gleaners Community Food Bank. But we never knew our goal to match up to $1K would be met in just one day, prompting an additional wave of more than $1K donations.

“We are ecstatic by the amount of support our online fundraising campaign for Gleaners continues to receive. We started by offering a matching donation of 1K and were shocked to have crushed that goal in the first 24 hours,” said Eric Steinberg, partner at the Lee Steinberg Law Firm. “Thank you to everyone who took the time to support these initial efforts and those you continue to donate. Every one of your gifts matter and will be used to help individuals and families right here in Michigan.”

Steinberg says the generous contributions, which ranged from $5 to $250, pushed the Michigan law firm to offer an additional round of matching funds for Gleaners. That amount was successfully met just a few days later. And now, with the firm’s match, more than $4,100 will be sent to the Metro Detroit food bank and help provide meals to many Michigan families who are facing extraordinary struggles due to the coronavirus pandemic.

You can still help by making a donation to Gleaners today!

Gleaners is a special place for the Southfield based legal professionals. The team has volunteered at the food bank in the past.

Steinberg continued, “We have seen firsthand, exactly how this extra support will provide the resources Gleaners requires to help the same communities our personal injury lawyers and staff serve.”

The Lee Steinberg Law Firm, P.C. will continue to lead the Facebook fundraiser through June and invites others to donate to Gleaners Community Food by clicking here.

Do You Need Help From Gleaners?

If you need access to food, call 2-1-1 to be connected to an emergency food assistance center nearest you. In Detroit, you can also visit Gleaners food distribution page for more information about drive-up sites.

And if you would like to help Gleaners beyond a monetary donation, you can contact Gleaners and support food supply and distribution efforts in many other ways, such as volunteering.

Here With You Through Challenging Times

The Lee Steinberg Law Firm, P.C. was founded by nationally recognized attorney Lee Steinberg in 1973. Beginning with a small office in northwest Detroit, Lee has grown the practice into a prosperous and successful law firm with offices throughout the state of Michigan. With our areas of expertise and ability to serve people throughout the state, our legal team of attorneys and support staff work to help others in more ways than providing personal injury legal support – especially during the most challenging of times.

If you find yourself in need of our help, please contact us at 1-800-LEE-FREE (1-800-533-3733) for a free consultation.

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Video Transcript

You know, we were so ecstatic and so pleasantly surprised at the response to our Gleaners Charity. We raised $2,000 for a very important food bank. Gleaners in Detroit. Our law firm has volunteered at Gleaners before. It’s a special place for us. We know there’s a great need for food and food bank assistance right now throughout Metro Detroit. And we just had a phenomenal response to our matching dollar-for-dollar campaign. I thought I would take a couple of weeks to raise a thousand dollars. We did it within a day. And so then when we updated it to $2000 and we matched that pretty quickly. We have people contributing from all over the state and, and some folks from all over the country, people that we have no affiliation with, or don’t know, just contributing even $5, $10. It was just an amazing response. We’re so happy to donate the money to Gleaners, and we hope things improve with them and throughout the Metro Detroit community as the weeks and months move on.