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Michigan Motorcycle Helmet Law To Be Repealed

Well, it looks like it may finally happen. The Michigan State Senate passed SB 291 and sent the bill to the Governor’s desk where it is expected he will sign this law which abolishes the motorcycle helmet law.

Currently under Michigan law, persons operating or occupying a motorcycle are required to wear a crash helmet. This is smart public policy. Motorcycle accidents can result in catastrophic injury, including traumatic brain injury, horrible bone fractures and death. Motorcycle accidents routinely cause some of the most horrific injuries found on Michigan roadways.

Crash helmets have been proven time and again to prevent or lessen serious injury from a motorcycle accident. This in turn not only saves accident victims, their family members and friends the pain and agony of going through such an event, but it also lessens the burden on our already cash-strapped health care system by reducing the need for medical treatment and long-term care.

The new bill will eliminate the requirement to wear a crash helmet, so long as you are over 21 years old and have carry a minimum of $20,000 in no-fault PIP coverage. This amount of coverage is wildly insufficient to cover many motorcycle accident injuries, especially now that many drivers will not be using a protective helmet.

I’m afraid that instead the cost will be passed on to the taxpayers, as you and I will be forced to pay for the medical treatment not covered by this small insurance coverage. But that’s the current state of affairs. Freedom is provided on the one hand (no helmet law), while taken away on the other.