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Michigan Supreme Court Election – Justice Alton Thomas Davis

As a follow-up to my previous blog about the Michigan Supreme Court elections coming up in less than two weeks, I wanted to highlight another candidate I urge you to support – Justice Alton Thomas Davis.

Remember, the Michigan Supreme Court races are extremely important. Who you choose to represent you on our state’s highest court will effect you every single day.   They are the ones who decide what the law means, and these decisions effect all facets of the society you live in, from criminal law to property rights to civil rights and environmental concerns.  It is important you vote on November 2.

The judicial races are on the NON-PARTISAN section of the ballot, so to make your vote count you must select the actual justice on the ballot.  This year, you will be asked to select 2 justices.  Please select both JUSTICE ALTON THOMAS DAVIS and DENISE LANGFORD MORRIS.

The following is a biography about Justice Alton Thomas Davis take from this website www.justicedavis.com:

Prior to his appointment to the Michigan Supreme Court, Justice Alton T. Davis of Grayling served on the Michigan Court of Appeals since he was appointed to the bench by Governor Jennifer M. Granholm on July 14, 2005. He was subsequently elected to the Court in 2006 and again in 2008 without opposition. Justice Davis had served as a visiting judge on the Court of Appeals on several different occasions from 1985 to 1996.

Prior to his appointment to the Court of Appeals,, Justice Davis was the Chief Judge of the 46th Judicial Circuit of Michigan, which encompasses Otsego, Crawford, and Kalkaska Counties. He was in his twenty-first year on that bench and seventeenth year as Chief Judge.

Prior to his election to the trial bench, Justice Davis was in private practice for ten years.  During that period of time, he also served for four years as Chief Assistant Proscecuting Attorney and then Prosecuting Attorney in Crawford County.

Justice Davis is married to Sandra Kay Shellfish and is the father of two daughters and two sons-in-law –Brion and Jason Thompson and Colby and Tim Chilcote.  He als the grandfather of Benjamin.

 I have personally met Justice Davis and I can tell you flat out he is a fine gentleman.  He has an interesting background.  Born in Petoskey in the 1940s, he lived on a farm and worked his way though both college and law school.  He stayed true to his roots and remained near his childhood home for almost his entire adult life.  Currently, he is the only sitting Supreme Court justice who lives north of Oakland County!

He is an avid outdoorsman and supports protecting our state’s precious environment and the right to hunt.

Most importantly, as a trial judge in Otsego, Crawford and Kalkaska counties, he was widely respected by the various attorneys who practiced in front of Judge Davis.  I can tell you I have spoke to many attorneys of all political stripes, from insurance defense lawyers to plaintiff’s lawyers to former criminal lawyers, and nobody has a bad thing to say about Justice Davis.  For so many lawyers to agree on something – that is saying something.

He is truly liked and respected by all.

The reasons for his support are many, but the obvious underlying factor I hear from everybody is simple – HE IS FAIR.  He gives all parties, no matter how rich or poor, a chance to make their case and he follows the law when making his decisions.

Unlike some other justices currently serving on the Supreme Court, he doesn’t let outside considerations affect his rulings.  Just because an insurance company may have to pay some benefits doesn’t mean he will rule against the plaintiff attempting to receive the benefits he or she is entitled to (see Justice Robert Young).

Unfortunately fairness is in short supply on our state’s Supreme Court.