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Motorcycle Helmets and Safety

Well at some point the weather will begin to improve this season. With warmer temperatures comes the ability to take out the bike and ride with friends and family on our state’s beautiful highways and roadways. However, as always, motorcyclists and passengers must be careful and think safety first.

A good place to start is with motorcycle helmets. In Michigan, helmets are not required for some riders. Still it is highly recommended that all motorcyclists use helmets. They are statistically proven to decrease the chance of serious personal injury, in particular traumatic brain injury (TBI) and even death.

When looking to purchase a new helmet, choose a reputable store with a wide array of helmet types and brands. Don’t be afraid to ask the sales person at the store questions about the helmet’s positive and negative aspects and what type of motorcycle the helmet is usually used for.

You should also ask the sales person about whether the helmet conforms with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and motorcycle helmet safety standards. DOT approved helmets have been tested for impact at four different places on the helmet. They also have been tested for penetration to ensure the helmet can withstand a certain amount of force at impact.

A reputable store will also show you how to properly fit and adjust the helmet so it fits comfortably and safely on your head. Some shops will even allow a test drive with the helmet to ensure the helmet is the right option for you. If the helmet moves too much during use, it is not a safe helmet.

Most motorcycle helmets should last several years. Helmets with removable inner padding can last longer if the padding is removed and cleaned. Cleaning the inside of a helmet removes sweat and other corrosive elements.

If you plan on riding this spring and summer, check your helmet. Make sure it is safe and comfortable. Remember, a safe ride is a fun ride.

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