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10 Ways to Prevent Winter Driving Accidents

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Messy Winter Accidents Remind Michigan Drivers to Clean Up Driving Skills

Winter-related driving accidents are happening across the state, some resulting in deadly outcomes for drivers, passengers, and even pedestrians. In Monroe County, one driver died in a two-vehicle accident involving a semi-truck. A drunk driver took the life of a crash survivor in a secondary accident in Michigan’s UP. And at least 24 vehicles, including multiple semi-trucks and a Michigan State Police cruiser, were involved in a pileup on M-6. Most recently, one person was pronounced dead on the scene of a two-pickup truck crash in Cassopolis, while another two were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. It doesn’t matter what the means of transportation was, crashes involving moped drivers, buses, snowmobiles, and fatalities with snow plow trucks have also occurred since the start of the New Year.

To avoid being involved in a wreck mimicking the state’s recent accident outbreak, review and share these 10 ways Michigan drivers can avoid putting themselves and others at risk of accident and serious personal injury during the cold weather months.

  1. Simply put, follow the speed limit.
  2. Always wear a safety belt when in a vehicle, and be sure children are properly buckled in the appropriate seats as well.
  3. Travel across bridges and be on alert for black ice patches where the road may appear dry and clear.
  4. Keep your vehicle prepared for winter driving by replacing wiper blades and lights, filling up on antifreeze and window-washer fluid, checking for proper tire inflation, ensuring your battery has sufficient charge, and packing a winter safety kit, including a hat, mittens, and a warm blanket to protect against the harsh temperatures.
  5. Allow extra space and road room for snowplow drivers, buses, big semi-trucks and anyone else towing a load. There is no need to follow any other driver too closely either.
  6. When merging or changing lanes, accelerate and brake slowly and avoid abrupt steering maneuvers, especially over slush filled paths.
  7. Avoid pumping anti-lock brakes and turn off cruise control, especially on ice or wet pavement.
  8. Follow your instincts to slow down when visibility is low and road conditions are snowy or icy.
  9. Remember, never text while driving and do all you can to avoid distractions. If you see an accident, avoid the temptation to film it or take photos. Michigan State Police recently called out several drivers on social media channels for being social media “gawkers” and “junior reporters” stating those who drive distracted are putting other road users, including police and EMS crews at risk.
  10. No matter the season, drinking and driving is dangerous and illegal and kills or leaves life-long, devastating injuries to likely yourself and others. Never drive impaired.

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