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Winter Is Still Here In Mid-Michigan

A nasty weather front continues to move through mid Michigan this week. The result has been ice storms and snow showers that have resulted in over 5 inches of accumulation in some places. The wintry mix has caused multiple Bay County car accidents on area roadways.

In fact, Bay County law enforcement reported 84 crashes alone over a 24 hour span beginning yesterday morning. In Saginaw County, there were 127 crashes over a similar time frame. The winter storm has closed some area roadways and some schools. A winter storm warning has been in effect in Saginaw, Midland, Bay, Sanilac, Tuscola and Huron counties.

The car accident lawyers at Lee Free remind folks to drive with extra caution when operating their vehicles during winter storms. The following are some brief reminders about driving in ice and snow.

Because slippery ice patches can appear out of nowhere, it is essential to drive slower than normal and to give yourself extra room between yourself and the vehicle in front of you. Drivers should also make sure to accelerate and decelerate slowly. This prevents the locking of wheels and skidding.

During icy weather, brake application is important too. It is important not to slam on your brakes when driving on ice or snow. Brake slamming can cause the wheels to lock and slide. If you do go into a slide, make sure you turn into this slide. This means turning your wheels in the direction that the rear of your car is sliding. The impulse is to your car in the opposite direction of the slide, but this will only cause you to lose control of your vehicle. Remember – turn into the slide. Last but not least, always wear your seatbelt.

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