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Why Hire a Bay City Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you have been injured in an accident in Bay City, you will need legal expertise that works for you, with emphasis on experience and success in the state of Michigan. The Law Offices of Lee Steinberg are positioned throughout the state and have long served as the law firm of choice for residents who are seeking help for a personal injury claim.

With our Saginaw office nearby via I-675 and I-75/US 23, our Bay City personal injury attorneys are knowledgeable, available, and well prepared to pursue claims for our Bay City clients. In fact, our firm has a 40-year history of excellence in serving our clients. We have a proven record of getting results.

Often, we are able to settle a client’s claim quickly without filing a lawsuit; however, if our attorneys do not believe the insurance company is meeting our demands, we will pursue your case in front of a jury in Bay County Court.

The Law Offices of Lee Steinberg have expertise in many practice areas, but the majority of cases with which we help residents fall into one of the below types:

We also work with Bay City-based clients who have claims pertaining to: No-Fault Law, Dog Bites, Slip & Fall, Landlord-Tenant Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Boating Accidents, Bicycle Accidents, Snowmobile Accidents, Deer-Vehicle Collisions, Mini-Tort and more.

Injuries and Fatalities Too Common on M-13

Though I-75 is nearby, the road most concerning to Bay City residents is actually M-13, which finds its greatest number of major intersections in Bay City. In fact, the busiest section of M-13 is just north of the M-25 junction in Bay City. The M-13 highway passes through a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial space and is responsible for almost a quarter of all Bay County accidents involving fatalities and just under twenty percent of all accidents involving non-fatal injuries.

M-13 tends to be particularly unforgiving to the many motorcyclists who travel it in the spring and summer months, as serious accidents with other vehicles cause an unusual number of motorcycle injuries for a city with a population under 35,000. In addition, the highway is popular with holiday weekend travelers who pass through on their way to and from the many recreational activities in the upper part of the state.

Residents note it is necessary to be highly alert when traveling M-13. Though the number of accidents has declined slightly of late, a concerning array of dangerous driving practices such as excess speed, distracted driving, driving under the influence, and fatigued driving still impact the number of car, motorcycle, and semi-truck accidents along the highway’s path.

Bay City Car Accident Case

A client from Essexville, Michigan, contacted the Law Offices of Lee Steinberg after they were in a two car accident in Monitor Township. The accident occurred in Bay County, at the intersection of Traxler Drive and Wilder Road.

Our client was driving westbound in the left lane on Traxler Road. It was sunny and road conditions were fine. The other driver was turning left from Traxler Road, attempting to go east on southbound. Our client was struck at an angle by the vehicle trying to turn left in a hood-to-hood collision. The driver was issued a citation for failing to yield.

The airbags did not deploy and no medical attention was required at the scene. However, our client began experiencing neck pain that was hindering their day-to-day activities. He eventually had to seek treatment, at which point he contacted the Steinberg Law Firm. His Bay County injury lawyer was able to negotiate a fair and positive settlement for him. For more Bay City news, events, and stories, go to the Lee Free blog.

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Our Bay City Injury Lawyers Can Help You

The Law Offices of Lee Steinberg is a preeminent Michigan personal injury law firm. Our past experience and success has been recognized by our fellow peers as well as prominent organizations, including Super Lawyers.

Our first goal is to ease the stress you are experiencing as a result of your accident and as you consider legal action. A single phone call to our office can wipe away the built-up worry as our expert attorneys answer your questions and address your concerns. Depending on what is most convenient for you, we can consult with you at any of our four office locations, or we can travel to be with you at your home or in the hospital.

Hiring an experienced attorney for your accident claim will not only relieve your stress but will ensure you get far more compensation than if you attempted to handle the case yourself. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Lee Steinberg handle many personal injury cases every day and are experts in valuing claims, as well as fighting for the money you deserve, whether the compensation be for medical bills, lost wages, or pain and suffering.

If you have been involved in an accident in Bay City or Bay County, we want you to contact us without reservation, so we offer all callers a FREE CONSULTATION in which you can ask any questions you may have. In addition, we never take payment unless we make a recovery for you. Call The Law Offices of Lee Steinberg today at (800) 533-3733.