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Most Dangerous Parts of I-75 in Detroit Michigan

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Key Points of This Article:

  • Oakland County saw the highest number of accidents from 2016 to 2020.
  • Wayne County came in second place for the number of accidents that occurred.
  • Most accidents occurred from 3-6 p.m.
  • Speed is a contributing factor in a number of Michigan state car accidents.

Highway accidents tend to be the most dangerous no matter what city you live in; however, larger cities, such as Detroit, tend to see more dangerous crashes than others due to a higher number of vehicles on the road. The more people and cars there are in a city, the more likely it is to experience traffic congestion, thus leading to more accidents—especially during rush hour.

If you live in Michigan and have been injured in a car accident, it’s essential that you speak with an attorney to ensure you are adequately compensated. Personal injury claims can be challenging to navigate, especially when trying to prove fault of the other driver or drivers involved. However, an experienced personal injury attorney can guide you through the process, helping you collect any necessary evidence or additional information to support your claim and hold all liable parties accountable.

Which Parts of Michigan Account for The Most Accidents?

Southeast Michigan, specifically Wayne and Oakland County, reported the highest number of accidents along I-75 from 2016 to 2020. Though more central to the city of Detroit, only 23.3% of the accidents reported occurred in Wayne County. In comparison, 38.4% happened in Oakland County, which is primarily comprised of the suburbs of Detroit.

The Top 10 Most Dangerous Sections of I-75 Reported in Michigan from 2016 Through 2020

The majority of the accidents reported in Metro Detroit occurred along the following segments of I-75 in the state of Michigan:

  1. Southbound I-75 Between 12 Mile Rd and the 12 Mile Rd Entrance Ramp | Madison Heights | 245 Total Crashes | 71 Injuries
  2. Southbound I-75 Between Maple Rd and Rochester Rd | Troy | 196 Crashes | 58 Injuries
  3. Southbound I-75 Between the 14 Mile Exit Ramp and 14 Mile Rd | Madison Heights | 176 Crashes | 46 Injuries
  4. Northbound I-75 Between 9 Mile Rd and Woodward Heights Blvd | Hazel park | 161 Crashes | 43 Injuries
  5. Northbound 1-75 Between the Warren Ramp and Warren Ave | Detroit | 153 Crashes | 57 Injuries
  6. Northbound I-75 Between the 7 Mile ramp and 7 Mile Rd | Detroit | 151 Crashes | 46 Injuries
  7. Northbound I-75 Between Leaper Rd and the N I-75/S I-75 Ramp | Auburn Hills | 151 Crashes | 27 Injuries
  8. Southbound I-75 Between Maple Rd and the 14 Mile Rd Ramp | Troy | 196 Total Crashes | 58 Injuries
  9. Northbound I-75 Between Woodward Heights Blvd and the I-696 Ramp | Hazel Park | 145 Crashes | 49 Injuries
  10. Northbound I-75 Between the 11 Mile Ramp and 11 Mile Rd | Royal Oak | 143 Crashes | 53 Injuries

What Factors Contributed to the Accidents in Detroit?

Time of day often plays a role in when accidents occur most. For example, in the segments of Michigan listed above, the highest number of accidents occurred during rush hour from 3–6 p.m. These numbers were also found to be highest on Fridays, with the most number of crashes occurring in January each year.

Though there is no specific data to show that speed was a contributing factor specifically in the accidents listed above, reports indicate that speed was a factor in 15.1% of all crash-related injuries and 18.5% of fatal crashes throughout Michigan in 2020. Furthermore, in 2017, the speed limit on I-75 from Saginaw to the Upper Peninsula increased from 70 mph to 75 mph. The faster cars are going, the more dangerous and potentially fatal the crashes tend to be.

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