What's to Blame for Most Winter Car Accidents in Detroit

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What’s to Blame for Most Winter Car Accidents in Detroit

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Winter is an incredibly dangerous time of year for motorists, especially for those driving in Michigan. The icy conditions combined with people failing to drive cautiously cause numerous traffic accidents and fatalities every year. The U.S. Federal Highway Administration stated that around 157,000 traffic accidents occur on icy U.S. roads every year, and around 1,800 traffic fatalities occur annually in winter conditions. 

Detroit and other Michigan drivers should be especially careful during the winter season. Michigan is the most dangerous state for winter traffic. It has almost 50 road fatalities every year due to winter conditions, and 14% of Michigan traffic accidents occur because of dangerous winter roads. Between 2015 and 2019, there were almost 3,000 serious injuries on slick roads in Michigan, and there were 402 fatalities. 

If you’re driving on winter roads this holiday season, you need to operate your vehicle cautiously. In this blog, you’ll learn all about dangerous contributing factors that lead to winter accidents and the most dangerous Michigan roads.

The Most Dangerous Michigan Roads

Although you need to stay safe regardless of where you drive this winter season, you should be especially cautious on the following Michigan roads and road segments:

  • US-31 Between Four Mile Road and State Park Entrance in Grand Traverse County  
  • Westbound I-94 Between County Road 681 and 62nd Street in Van Buren County
  • Northbound I-475 Between Atherton Road Ramp and South Grand Traverse Street in Genesee County 
  • Eastbound I-94 Between County Road 653 and 30th Street in Van Buren County
  • Eastbound I-94 Between Red Arrow Highway and Red Arrow Entrance Ramp in Berrien County
  • US-41 Between Brickyard Road and Northwoods Road in Marquette County
  • Stadium Drive Between Rambling Road and Howard Street in Kalamazoo County
  • Eastbound I-96 Between Cheney Avenue and Plainfield Avenue in Kent County
  • Razorback Drive Between Memorial Road and Ridge Road in Houghton County
  • Eastbound I-94 Between Main Street Entrance Ramp and Amtrak Tracks in Van Buren County

What Causes Winter Driving Accidents in Detroit?

In addition to dangerous road conditions, there are other factors increasing the likelihood of experiencing a winter traffic accident. The main cause of winter driving accidents is that drivers don’t drive carefully enough on the road. They don’t account for slick and dangerous road conditions and continue their normal driving habits, which can then result in serious or even fatal injuries. A few dangerous winter driving habits include:

  • Speeding: People will drive too quickly for the slippery road conditions and limited visibility, resulting in traffic accidents. 65% of winter car crashes occurred because people drove too fast for the slick roads. It’s also important to note that you may need to operate your vehicle below the speed limit to remain safe. Drivers can receive a ticket for going too fast given the road conditions even if they drove under the speed limit. 
  • Poor planning: Drivers often fail to take the winter conditions into consideration before heading toward their destinations. They’ll drive dangerously to reach their destinations on time.
  • Tailgating: Drivers follow too closely to others on the road. This is always dangerous, but it’s especially dangerous in the wintertime because it takes a longer amount of time for your vehicle to come to a complete stop on slick roads.
  • Driving on dangerous roads: Drivers will often attempt to traverse dangerous roads that may have slush or other hazards
  • Stopping in an inappropriate location: Some drivers will stop in the middle of a lane after facing a problem on slick roads, which can result in a serious wreck. 
  • Bad tires: Drivers will attempt to drive with tires that are under-inflated or are not equipped for winter weather conditions 
  • Driving while distracted: Driving while distracted is always dangerous and the wintertime is no exception. If you operate a handheld device, such as a cellphone, at the wheel, you’ll greatly increase the likelihood of causing a serious vehicle crashes. 

If you or a loved one were in a wreck caused by someone else’s negligence, you need seasoned legal professionals at your side to help you with any vehicular damages or personal injuries you may have experienced. Numerous people drive recklessly on icy road conditions, and you shouldn’t have to pay for damages and medical bills caused by someone else who failed to perform reasonable care on the road. For expert car accident legal counsel, contact Lee Steinberg Law Firm. We assist Detroit and Michigan residents with car accidents and personal injuries. We’ll work diligently to get you the money you deserve for your wreck. Call our Detroit office at 313-483-8775 or click here for a free case evaluation.