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LA Insurance Selling Short-Term Michigan Auto Policies Again

Key points from this article: Despite being banned in 2018, LA Insurance offices are again selling Michigan no-fault insurance policies that expire after only 13 days. People who buy these policies are not aware they are sold as 6-month policies that contain a requirement that a second payment must be made by the 13th day [...]

Michigan Car Accident Law for Ohio Residents – The New Michigan No-Fault Law Explained

Key points from this article: Ohio drivers and passengers who are injured in a car crash while in Michigan and subject to Michigan car accident laws. The car accident laws for Michigan differ greatly compared to Ohio law. Because Michigan is a no-fault state, there are certain things a car crash victim injured in Michigan [...]

Preparing For A Fall Motorcycle Ride In Michigan

Michigan is a popular group motorcycling destination, especially during the fall months when the seasonal colors are changing, and there are fewer motorists on the road. Decide on the best Michigan destination comfortable for all and review ride safety guidelines as a group to help ensure the smoothest ride for everyone. When riding as a [...]

Understanding ORV (and ATV) Use in Michigan

ORVs (including ATVs) continue to grow in popularity for both recreational and professional use in Michigan. An estimated 27 percent of ORV accidents reported to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources in 2017 were caused by speed. Michigan saw only two fatal ORV crashes in 2018. Pennsylvania reported the highest at 27 deaths. It is [...]

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Fatal Car Accidents In Farmington Hills

Two deadly crashes that took the lives of three people in only two weeks recently occurred in Farmington Hills, a northwestern suburb of Metro Detroit. In 2018, there were 2,932 crashes reported in Farmington Hills and four people killed in fatal motor vehicle accidents. The dangerous intersection at 12 Mile Road near Orchard Lake has [...]

6 Health Conditions That Make for More Dangerous Drivers

Synopsis Although it may be difficult to address a driver with a health condition, family and friends can help reduce the likelihood of that person causing a fatal crash by knowing what conditions are most dangerous. Drivers with a history of epilepsy, addiction, and reactive barriers caused by age or attention disorders are some of [...]

Cancellation of Michigan Auto No-Fault Policies

Michigan Court Rules Car Insurance Carriers Must Send Proper Notice Before Cancellation Can Occur A car insurance company telling you that your auto policy has been cancelled is a scary event. A discussion like this after a serious car wreck can be catastrophic, resulting in massive unpaid medical bills, mounting lost wages and other costs. [...]

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Michigan Speeding and Red-Light-Running Accidents

Synopsis Red-light runners and those drivers who choose to speed are increasingly becoming a crash risk problem on Michigan roadways, according to Michigan State Police. Thirty-two people were killed in an increasing number of red-light running crashes which hiked up 18.4 percent since 2014. In 2018, there were 31,003 accidents involving speeding, including excessive speeders [...]

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10 Back to School Safety Tips for Your Teen

Synopsis About 100 children in the United States are killed every year while traveling to or from school, and 25,000 others sustain serious injuries as a result of school zone crashes, according to Safe Kids Worldwide. Congested intersections and crosswalks, impaired drivers, inattentive and distracted drivers, as well as motorists who speed or drive too [...]

How The Michigan No-Fault Law Changes Affect Medicaid

Bulletin #4 – What the Change in the No-Fault Law Means for Medicaid    On May 30, 2019, Governor Whitmer signed a major overhaul to the Michigan no-fault system, completely transforming Michigan car accident law. The legislation took effect on June 11, 2019 as Public Act 21 of 2019. There a number of huge ramifications [...]