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5 Trick-Or-Treating Dangers and Halloween Scares

Key Points in this Article: From Detroit to Ann Arbor, annual Halloween celebrations and trick-or-treating fun can unfortunately also be filled with tragedy due to negligent homeowners, pedestrian traffic, loose pets, and unsafe drivers. Unlike any other time of the year, the candy-collecting evening spent outdoors presents a collection of circumstances that together can pose [...]

Michigan Dog Bite Injury and Provocation

Do You Have a Michigan Dog Bite Injury Case? Each year in Michigan, there are hundreds if not thousands of dog attacks that result in personal injury. These cases are governed by statute under the Michigan dog bite law, or MCL 287.351. The statute is as follows: 287.351 Person bitten by dog; liability of owner [...]

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Dog Bite Victim in Port Huron Obtains Justice

The Law Offices of Lee Steinberg, P.C. is pleased to announce the settlement of a dog bite attack case for a boy in St. Clair County. While walking outside his home in Fort Gratiot, a large pit bull escaped through the front door of his neighbor’s home. Our client continued to walk on the sidewalk, [...]

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New Bill Prevents Michigan Communities from Banning Particular Dog Breeds

Bill Says Michigan Communities Can’t Ban Certain Dog Breeds To Protect Against Attacks A new bill has been passed in Michigan targeting dog breed legislation. Senate Bill 741 is trying to prevent the banning of pit bulls and other breeds some communities have deemed dangerous. Animal groups across the country have spoken out in favor of [...]

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Best Places to Take Your Dog in Metro Detroit

Want to Spend a Fun Day With Your 4-Legged Pal? Here are 5 Places You Should Check Out Dequindre Cut Greenway The Dequindre Cut Greenway is a 2-mile urban recreational path that runs parallel to St. Aubin Street, between Mack Avenue and Atwater Street, just north of the riverfront. Recently, a half-mile extension of the [...]

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Michigan Dog Bite Law – What is a Trespasser?

As I wrote about recently, the Michigan Court of Appeals analyzed an Oakland County dog bite case involving a trespasser. Well the Court of Appeals again analyzed what it means to be a trespasser in a dog bite context. The case is a published decision, meaning Michigan dog bite lawyers like the ones at our [...]

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Oakland County Dog Bite Victim Considered Trespasser – Loses Case

Michigan Dog Bite Law - MCL 287.351 Getting attacked by a dog is a very frightening experience. The feeling of fear and helplessness can be terrifying. The Michigan dog bite lawyers at our firm have helped our clients recover from these traumatic and life altering events. Typically, if a dog bite occurs, a person can file [...]

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Dog Bites Still A Major Concern In Michigan

Michigan Remains Top Ten State For Dog Bite Claims You may have recently read about the story of a 3-week-old Grand Rapids baby who died after the family dog bit her in the head. Surgery couldn't save the infant who was left alone in the house with three pit bulls for only five minutes before a caretaker [...]

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Michigan Dog Bite Lawyers Needed When Prevention Fails

RESPONSIBLE PET OWNERSHIP CAN LESSEN RISK OF DOG BITES The American Veterinary Medical Association [AVMA] says each year, dogs bite more than 4.5 million people in the U.S. – Michigan families are not excluded. Children are, by far, the most common victims of dog bites and are far more likely to be severely injured. A [...]

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