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Pedestrian Hit By a Motorcycle: Who is at Fault?

Pedestrians should be able to safely traverse public roads and sidewalks, and yet every year, pedestrians are injured or killed by drivers.  In Michigan alone, there were 183 pedestrian fatalities and 1,453 pedestrian injuries in 2021. These numbers are a tragic reminder that every year, Michigan residents are killed and injured while doing something that […]

What Injuries Can You Get from a Car Accident?

Every year, tens of thousands of Michigan residents suffer serious injuries as a direct result of vehicular accidents. The severity of these crashes can vary greatly — some collisions may only cause minor scrapes and bruises, while others can result in catastrophic or even fatal injuries.  If you were injured in a traffic accident and […]

Most Common Types of Car Accidents

Automobile accidents happen to almost everyone at some point in our lifetime. Thankfully, most do not cause fatalities, but that doesn’t mean everyone walks away unscathed. Even minor injuries lead to significant medical expenses, lost wages, and a decreased ability to do the things you love. Becoming a skilled and attentive driver is the best way […]

Court Rules Michigan Residents Critically Hurt in Car Accidents Can Keep Important Insurance Benefits

Car accident survivors in Michigan were given a victory in July by the state’s Supreme Court. The ruling states that despite a change in Michigan’s car insurance system in 2019, anyone who was catastrophically injured before the law kicked in can continue to bill their insurance company for ongoing care.  What Does the Ruling Mean? […]

Back Hurts After Car Accident: What To Do Next

Many parts make up the structure of the back; these include muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, and the spinal cord. So when you get into an accident, any one (or multiple) of these parts could be affected.  It is very common, for example, for people to tweak their backs in an accident, meaning they likely strained […]

Moody v. Zakir – Michigan Supreme Court Holds Plaintiff Can Obtain Pain and Suffering from a Car Accident

The Michigan Supreme Court came out with an important ruling last month. In the case of Wilmore-Moody v. Zakir, the Court found in favor of the plaintiff who was injured in a Wayne County car accident. The case involved a lot of detailed and confusing insurance issues, touching on things like insurance fraud, rescission, and […]

Headache After Car Accident: What Should You Do?

Are you suffering from a headache after a car accident? Headaches can be incredibly painful and may indicate that you suffered from a serious or even life-threatening injury. If you’re currently experiencing a headache that resulted from a crash, it’s best to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Here at Lee Steinberg Law Firm, […]