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Miscarriage After Car Accident: What You Need to Know

Key Points of this Article: Mothers who have lost their pregnancy after a car crash can file a wrongful death lawsuit against the at-fault driver for the collision. The state of Michigan allows mothers who have lost their pregnancy to recover loss of consortium damages. The Michigan no-fault law allows pregnant women who have suffered […]

Child’s Death And Serious Injuries Fuel Peloton Treadmill Recall

Key Points of This Article: Two weeks after the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) warned consumers, Peloton has agreed to recall more than 125,000 of its treadmills responsible for dozens of dangerous incidents, including a child’s death. Consumers who have purchased a recalled treadmill should immediately stop using it and report any injuries caused by the product. Almost […]

Michigan Car Crashes Surge in November

Key Points of This Article: In 2019, there were 535,721 drivers involved in 314,376 motor vehicle crashes in Michigan. Of those crashes, 74,963 persons were injured, primarily while traveling in a passenger car, SUV, or van. Michigan experienced the highest number of motor vehicle crashes in November, while the highest number of motor vehicle crashes […]

How To Avoid a Work Zone Crash in Michigan

Key Points of This Article: In 2019, Michigan’s Office of Highway Safety Planning reported more than 5,800 crashes in construction, maintenance, and utility work zones. The majority of work zone crashes in Michigan are avoidable and caused by inattentive, speeding, or distracted motorists. Accident prone areas in Michigan due to 2020 road construction projects include I-75 in […]

Ten Things Every Michigan Driver Should Know

Key Points of This Article: If you become injured or incurred significant damage to your vehicle in an accident, you probably want to understand your options for getting compensated for your losses and how to prove another individual’s negligence. From understanding how the Michigan Left works to the laws behind texting or driving while high, drivers […]

How Long After My Injury Can I Sue in Michigan?

Key Points of This Article: Statute of limitations are strict time frames to file a personal injury claim against another and to preserve the right for compensation and request a legal remedy from a Michigan court. Michigan’s statute of limitations varies for personal injuries depending on the type of claim and may involve motor vehicle […]