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3 Tips to Protect Yourself From Bill Collectors After an Accident

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Stop Bill Collectors From Harassing You After Your Car Accident

A sad but common occurrence for Michigan auto accident victims is dealing with debt collection agencies and annoying or harassing phone calls from bill collectors or debt buyers. And even though under the Michigan No-Fault Law, insurance should cover all medical expenses related to the car crash for as long as the victim’s injury lasts and as long as they require medical care, it unfortunately doesn’t always move that smoothly. We know this can be frustrating, especially since it is not the victim’s fault that payments are not being received.

3 Tips To Stay Out Of Collections After An Accident

When an insurance company that’s responsible under No-Fault to pay medical bills isn’t holding up their responsibilities, bills are not being paid and the accident victim will likely be sent into collections. These victims will want to stay vigilant with the No-Fault insurance company that is responsible to pay their medical bills. Following these 3 tips can help ensure bills do not go unpaid.

  1. Stay In Touch With Your Claims Adjuster: Make sure all medical bills are being received, and are being paid by your claims adjuster. Do this every 30-day cycle to ensure they are not being paid late.
  2. Stay Organized: In the event of you making your own payments, be sure to keep track of what you’re paying by filing or making copies of statements and all bills received. As long as you keep track of your expenditures, you will be reimbursed by your No-Fault insurer. Also, keep a detailed log of any phone conversations you have with billers and adjusters.
  3. Watch The Calendar: If your bills have not been paid, you are being hassled by debt collectors, and you are approaching one year since your accident, you will want to hire an attorney to present a lawsuit on your behalf before it is too late. If you paid any money to billers during this time, it will be reimbursed when your lawsuit is resolved.

If you do receive notice from a collection agency, you should send a copy to your No-Fault insurer immediately and contact a lawyer. Never ignore a collections notice.

Insurance Companies Will Delay, Deny, Defend

Sadly, it is all too common for insurance companies to delay or deny payment of claims, and defend their actions to force an accident victim to sue until they finally receive the medical benefits they are entitled. It’s unfortunate and wrong but yes, still happens too often.

The stress of all of this can be overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be though. At this point, talking with and hiring a lawyer will be the best option for an accident victim to move on. A lawyer can manage the claim, help prevent debt collectors from violating privacy and unfairly attempting to collect money that should be paid through your No-Fault insurance coverage.

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Video Transcript

It’s imperative during a case that our clients let us know what is going on so we can do the best we can under the law and under the circumstances to put them at ease while their claim is going on. Oftentimes we can call the bill collector directly, let them know there’s a claim or a lawsuit pending. They will then direct the bill to us, and hopefully stop bothering you, knowing that we’re going to take care of the bill on your behalf.

What happens a lot on cases is that the medical bills pile up. It’s important that our clients let us know if they’re getting those letters in the mail from Blue Cross, from HAPA, from health insurers, and from any medical bills, because we can often negotiate a reduced amount for reimbursement to those health insurers, under the law.

And it’s important to call our office to understand your rights and see if we can help you out in that type of situation. We only get a recovery if you get a recovery. That is the Lee Free Guarantee. It is something that has been in place in our firm since its inception and it’s something that is very important to us and very important for our clients to know.