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Lower Back Pain After Car Accident Can Stem from Whiplash

Back Pain
Many parts make up the structure of the back; these include muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, and the spinal cord. So when you get into an accident, any one (or multiple) of these parts could be affected.

Whiplash Can Cause Lower Back Pain

Most of the car accident victims our attorneys work with are surprised to hear that delayed back pain is one of the most common injuries that occur, ranking close to those of the head and neck. Sometimes this pain can be overlooked when a victim’s adrenaline causes them to block out any immediate issues and leads them to report feeling fine on an accident report. But after the shock subsides and the victim returns to their daily routine, serious pain and discomfort in the lower back can present itself. This lower back pain can sometimes show up days or even weeks after the injury had occurred and can even be caused by whiplash. With nearly 300,000 car accidents and 58,000 related injuries across Michigan in 2016, many of which were rear-impact or side-impact accidents, let’s review some of the lower back injuries the medical team at the Back & Pain Center at the University of Michigan report accident victims commonly suffering from.

Two Lower Back Areas Susceptible to Whiplash Injury

After being injured in a wreck, most accident victims immediately check to see if they have whiplash symptoms or neck pain. But really the lower back can be particularly sensitive to a whiplash injury because the force of the accident mixed with the unnatural movement in the lower back creates enough uneasiness to injure the spine. There are two areas of the spine that become especially vulnerable to whiplash injuries.
  1. Sacral Area: This area is located in the very bottom of the spine and consists of a flat, nearly triangular shaped bone that is joined to the lumbar spine with a sacral hinge. In general, the sacral area of the spine is a stable area for the hips and typically does not move.
  2. Lower Back (Lumbar): The lower back is an almost elastic part of the spine that consists of five lumbar vertebrae held together by tendons, cushioned by soft discs. These vertebrae have different ranges of motion depending on the person’s anatomy, but there is a considerable amount of natural movement possible.
Any form of back pain after car accident should be treated as soon as it is recognized, even if delayed. Set up a medical evaluation immediately or get to an emergency room to be assessed by a professional. This care will reduce the chance of complications and provide the proper documentation needed to make a case for the incident and injury.

Common Injuries That Cause Back Pain After a Car Accident

Many different injuries can cause back pain after an accident. And in many cases, there will likely be no external signs of injury. This is why it’s important to get checked out by a doctor, as they will know how to examine you to make sure there isn’t something more serious going on internally.
back pain after an accident
Some of the most common causes of back pain after car accidents include: Spinal cord injuries are the worst kinds of back injuries you could sustain in a car accident. If your back hurts after a car accident, you could have a spinal cord injury and not just a strained muscle. If you need help covering the cost of treatment fo

Drive Smart and Prevent Injury

Seat belts have decreased traffic fatalities and decreased the severity of injury related to car accidents, especially those to the head and spine. Michigan State Police recommend seat belt usage on every trip by every person in every seat in addition to not driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, adhering to speed limits, and avoiding distractions while driving.

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