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Livonia Car Accident Lawyers

Getting into a car accident is a very emotional event. There is a lot to think about, including the car damage, fixing the car, how it will affect insurance, and potential criminal penalties if you cause the crash. But the injuries you sustain can be life changing and long lasting. That is why you need the best Livonia car accident lawyers to help. 

Our Livonia Car Accident Lawyers Get Results

After sustaining a serious personal injury caused by a car accident, you need a law firm that specializes in car accidents, especially in the Livonia area. We have successfully handled thousands of cases for Wayne County residents. 

  • We handle all Livonia car accident cases on a contingency fee basis. This means you do not pay anything until we win your case. That is our guarantee.
  • We focus only on personal injury law, and our clients are only the injured and their families. 
  • We understand the complexities of auto accident cases, the defenses insurance companies come up with, and how to get the most for your pain and suffering. 
  • Our Livonia car accident attorneys have been selected as Michigan “Super Lawyers” numerous times. This is because our attorneys and staff go the extra mile for our clients. 

For 50 years our dedicated team of Michigan auto accident lawyers have worked tirelessly to protect Livonia residents. Unlike many other law firms, you will have the same attorneys and support staff working on your case from the beginning to the end. We also promptly return phone calls and emails, and keep our client up to date on their case. 

Who Pays My Medical Bills and Lost Wages from a Car Accident?

It depends. Under the Michigan no-fault law, your own auto insurance pays the medical bills related to the crash, up to the amount of personal injury protection (PIP) coverage available under the policy. If you have a coordinated plan, then your private health insurance company (Blue Cross or Priority Health) will pay first, and then auto insurance will cover the rest. 

The person who caused the crash only pays for medical expenses once all your own PIP coverage is used up or exhausted. 

If you do not have auto insurance, in most situations you can still get a car accident company to pay first-party benefits, like medical bills and lost wages. For example, if a resident relative (spouse, sibling, child) has auto insurance, then their carrier may be responsible for covering all the expenses. 

If there is no auto insurance in the household, then the Michigan Assigned Claims Plan (MACP) will assign an insurance company – like Allstate or Farm Bureau – to pay up to $250,000 in medical bills and lost wages. 

Figuring out who is responsible for paying medical bills and lost wages is confusing. Our team of Livonia car accident lawyers can assist you in this process and make sure you are not stuck with any outstanding bills or lost income. 

What if the Other Driver is Negligent in Causing the Accident?

If another driver is at least 50% at fault for causing the crash, then you can obtain pain and suffering compensation for your injuries. Proving liability is very important. The police report is just one piece of evidence. Getting statements from witnesses, dash cam video, video surveillance, and accident reconstruction are all steps our law firm takes to help our clients prove liability. 

Pain and suffering come in many different forms. There is the physical pain and suffering. But there is also emotional pain and suffering. The trauma, anxiety, depression, emotional distress, anguish, and other things that turned your life upside down all count when considering pain and suffering. 

This is why it is important to work with a great Livonia car accident lawyer to get the best outcome and results. 

How Much Is My Livonia Car Accident Case Worth? 

Each case is different and the value of every case varies based on different factors.  

1.  Severity of the Injuries. The extent of a person’s injuries is obviously very important. If a person breaks their leg from a head-on collision, and needs surgery, this type of medical treatment and pain increases the settlement value of a case. 

2.  Medical Treatment. Getting treatment from doctors is important to establish the extent of injuries. It also is needed to prove causation, that the auto accident caused the injuries and the need to see so many doctors. 

3.  Lawyer Skill. The skill of your attorney and law firm is essential. A Livonia car accident attorney who is aggressive, skilled, and experienced will be able to get you more money. 

4.  Insurance Policy Limit. The amount of insurance is important. The higher the insurance policy, or the more insurance available, the higher the settlement value. 

How Much Does a Livonia Car Accident Lawyer Cost? 

Our personal injury lawyers always take on cases on a contingent fee basis. This means you do not pay legal fees or even costs until we win your case. Our firm pays all the upfront costs necessary to win, which can include obtaining medical records, hiring experts and investigators, court fees, and other costs. 

When we are successful in obtaining a settlement or verdict, the legal fee is one-third (1/3) of the amount including costs. If for we reason we are not successful in obtaining money, you do not owe us anything, ever. At the Lee Steinberg Law Firm, this means you will pay nothing only if we win your case and you get paid.  

What are Common Reasons for Livonia, MI Car Accidents

Car accidents can lead to catastrophic, life changing injuries. In urban and suburban areas of Wayne County, they can occur for several different reasons. Some of the most prevalent reasons for a car crash include: 

  • Failing to pay attention – distracted driving is the number one reason for auto accidents. When people are on their cell phones, texting, and driving, playing with the radio, they take their eyes off the road which can lead to a dangerous accident. 
  • Running a red light – running a red at an intersection can create high-impact collisions with terrible injuries
  • Running a stop sign – can also cause high speed collisions
  • Speeding – this is another one of the major reasons for car accidents in Lansing 
  • Making an illegal U-turn – when a driver turns at a place on the road where other
  • Drinking and driving – alcohol plays a major role in car accident-related fatalities  
  • Texting while driving – distracted driving due to cell phone use continues to be on the rise 

The Best Livonia Car Accident Lawyer

For almost 50 years, The Lee Steinberg Law Firm has helped injured victims win their cases and obtain the compensation they need and deserve. 

The results of a car accident in Livonia can be traumatic. Our team of Livonia car accident lawyers takes the burden off you and your family while ensuring you get the best representation. 

Please call the Livonia car accident lawyers at 1-800-LEE-FREE (1-866-696-9146) or fill out the Free Case Evaluation Form so we can answer any questions you have about your accident.