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The Detroit & Michigan personal injury lawyers at the Lee Steinberg Law Firm, P.C. have been successfully handling Michigan personal injury cases for over 40 years.

We travel to clients throughout the state and fight to win their case. Our dedicated team of Michigan personal injury attorneys and trial lawyers are not afraid to go the extra mile. We only handle personal injury cases and we only represent individuals, not insurance companies or big corporations.

Our law firm handles a wide variety of Michigan negligence cases. Some of the more common cases are the following:

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As experienced Detroit & Michigan personal injury attorneys and Michigan negligence attorneys, we understand what our clients are going through. Our personal injury process not only helps them cope with their difficulties, but also makes sure they get the support they need when trying to pursue justice through the civil justice system. We are sensitive to our clients’ challenges and will aggressively represent their interests to win their case.

Michigan personal injury cases are fact-intensive and deserve special attention. Whether you live in Detroit, Flint, Saginaw, Grand Rapids, Traverse City or anywhere in between, if you have been injured due to somebody’s negligence call us for free at 1-800-LEE-FREE (1-800-533-3733).

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Q:Why do you need to hire a personal injury lawyer?

A:To get the full compensation for your injuries. Insurance companies have professionals working on their side to pay out as little as possible for each claim. You should have legal professionals fighting for you to ensure you receive a fair result.

Video Transcript

I was heading on my way to work. It was about 11 o clock in the morning. And a person made an illegal right hand turn right into the front of my vehicle. At the time, I felt I was okay. I think it was the adrenaline that kicked in. So I proceeded to go to work. That evening we gave Lee Steinberg’s office a call because you see him on TV.

And I found out that I had probably gotten the best attorney I possibly could in the state of Michigan. So my injuries: I went to see a neurologist, and he said that I had some pretty bad disks in my back from the accident. Five years of physical therapy – ended up with a double cage fusion and some rods in my back. So three back surgeries later, I am where I am. I do suffer from permanent nerve damage in my left leg; I have permanent foot drop from it.

After the court case settled, I was able to pay off everything, get my family a home; get everything re-established for us to restart a new beginning. I would recommend Lee Steinberg’s office 100% to anybody. There isn’t an extent they aren’t willing to go for anybody.