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Michigan Snowmobile Accident Survivor Can Pursue Case for Compensation

Alcohol and Drugs Led to Snowmobile Accident Snowmobile accidents in Michigan occur every winter throughout the state. Oftentimes, they involve the use of alcohol or drugs, as riders negligently mix good fun with bad decision making. When this happens, horrible accidents can occur. In Cadillac, Michigan in January 2015, such a snowmobile accident did occur. [...]

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Fatal Snowmobile Crashes on the Rise in Michigan: Here’s How to Avoid Them

Flint Snowmobile Accident Heightens Safe Riding Awareness For Sled-Heads A 51-year-old man unexpectedly collided his snowmobile with a car at a Flint intersection over the holiday season. The snowmobile driver sustained several serious internal and external injuries while crossing Woodrow Avenue and Curry Street. The accident is currently being investigated but speed is believed to [...]

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State Reports Slew of Wrecks Caused by Michigan Snowmobilers

It is no doubt the humming buzz of snowmobile engines is a sign of winter in Michigan. But as residents and visitors enjoy the sled-riding activities and events this year, officials have busy responding to a rash of accidents and wrecks across the state involving snowmobilers and other drivers. Most recently a father of four [...]

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