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No-Fault Practice Tip – Medical Mileage

Another feature of the Michigan No-Fault Law is the prescription drug benefit. Under the Michigan No-Fault Law, the car insurance carrier responsible for paying no-fault benefits must reimburse Michigan car accident or Michigan truck accident victims for their prescription drugs.

Prescription drugs are an allowable expense under the law and therefore the car insurance company must pay for them. This is found under MCL 500.3107(1)(a) within the Michigan no-fault law itself.

This is an important benefit. Very often, car accident victims have to take numerous pain medications and other prescriptions to help deal with the daily pain from their injuries. As you can imagine, these costs can add up quickly, with many non-generic drugs costing well over $100 per bottle.

The only caveat is the expense must be incurred first before the car insurance company is obligated to pay you back. This means you usually have to pay for the prescription first, and then you must submit an invoice and receipt to the car insurance company to obtain reimbursement.

However, often car insurance companies can set up a prescription drug account with a pharmacy that allows the pharmacy to bill the insurance company directly on behalf of the patient.

The prescription drug benefit is an important part of the Michigan No-Fault Law. Don’t forget to ask about it if you or somebody you know is involved in a car accident.