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Car Accident Settlement-Oakland County


T-Bone Crash in Farmington Hills

Our client was injured in a Farmington Hills, Michigan car accident when another vehicle traveling on 9 Mile Rd. ran a red light at Middlebelt Road and smashed into him. The collision was a T-bone crash and caused substantial damage to our client’s vehicle. The responding police officer assigned fault to the other driver and the insurance company conceded liability.

Our client sustained multiple injuries.

These included neck pain and headaches, injury to the left hand, impingement syndrome to the left shoulder and a complete tear of the rotator cuff to the left shoulder which required surgery. When the surgeon opened up our client’s left shoulder to do the operation, a labral detachment was seen as well as full tear of the rotator cuff.

Our client was overwhelmed at what had happened to him. His entire life had turned upside down. So he called a law firm he could trust and hired the Lee Steinberg Law Firm to help him win his case.

Expenses and Claim

Our client turned to his own car insurance carrier for the payment of his medical expenses – including the surgical bill – as well as his lost wages and out-of-pocket costs. Under the Michigan no-fault law, an auto accident victim’s own car insurance pays for medical expenses, lost wages and other benefits up to the coverage limit they have on their auto policy. This coverage is called personal injury protection (PIP) coverage.

He also filed a claim against the at-fault driver for compensation for his pain and suffering and emotional distress. Because of his injuries, our client relied upon friends and family members for help. He could not do many of the basic household chores he was doing before the accident. He also could not take part in recreational activities he enjoyed before the accident, including gardening and riding his motorcycle.

Although the at-fault driver’s insurance admitted fault, they did not admit they were responsible for the injuries and losses our client suffered from because of the crash. But our team of Detroit car accident lawyers pushed the insurance company, carefully documenting his injuries, pain and suffering and ailments from the crash. Our team alleviated our client’s stress and allowed him to focus on getting better.

Pain and Suffering Settlement

The experienced Detroit car accident injury legal team at the Steinberg Law Firm obtained a large pain and suffering settlement for our client. We also got all his medical bills paid, out-of-pocket costs reimbursed and all outstanding lost wages paid as well. Our client was very happy, and we left open his medical claim so he can treat for any auto accident-related injuries in the future.