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Farmington Hills, Michigan Car Accident & Personal Injury Lawyer

Why Hire a Farmington Hills Car Accident & Injury Lawyer?

The Law Office of Lee Steinberg in Farmington Hills is a successful law firm with offices throughout the state of Michigan. Having started the firm as a small office in northwest Detroit, Lee Steinberg has developed the firm and its strong reputation for success in representing Michigan’s injured citizens into one of the most recognizable and effective firms in the state.

Often considered a single community with its neighbor, Farmington, Farmington Hills is at the heart of Oakland County, the second-most populous county in Michigan. Located in the northwest suburbs of Detroit, Farmington Hills serves as a bustling center for business, with significant traffic traveling in and out of the area each day. Though often-named one of the safest cities in Michigan, personal injury-related incidents in and around our city still occur each and every day, particularly with regard to vehicle accidents.

Our Farmington Hills Office serves as our main office. Our 40-year history of working personal injury cases in communities like Farmington and Farmington Hills, as well as across the state, has helped us to develop a network of critical relationships with key partners: health practitioners, subject-matter experts, and law enforcement officials. This is only one component of our highly effective approach to fighting for our clients, but it gives us an edge in helping our clients get the compensation they deserve.

Types of Personal Injury Cases Handled by The Law Office of Lee Steinberg

Our primary focus is helping people in Farmington and throughout Michigan with their personal injury claims. The majority of cases with which we help residents fall into one of the below types:

We also work with Farmington and Farmington Hills clients who have claims pertaining to: No-Fault Law, Dog Bites, Slip & Fall, Landlord-Tenant Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Boating Accidents, Bicycle Accidents, Snowmobile Accidents, Deer-Vehicle Collisions, Mini-Tort, and more.

If you believe you may have a personal injury case, we encourage you to contact us. Regardless of the type or size of your accident, we will provide you a free consultation. It is our hope that this provides you and/or your family an opportunity to go over any questions you may have with our attorney, both to consider possible claims and also to ensure your potential claim is not at risk for any reason.

Hiring The Law Office of Lee Steinberg to represent you is a NO RISK proposition, as the firm receives payment only after we make a recovery on your behalf. There are no upfront fees.

Car Accidents at Orchard Lake and Twelve Mile Road

Our attorneys have worked on many accidents occurring at busy intersections throughout Michigan. One of the most dangerous intersections in the state sits just a few miles from our Farmington Hills office. Near the Orchard 12 Shopping Center and just north of I-696, the intersection of Orchard Lake Road and 12 Mile Road was the site of nearly a hundred accidents in 2014, landing the perilous crossing at #2 on the list of the worst intersections in the entire state.

Michigan State Police keep data on traffic accidents, allowing the MSP and other interested organizations to review accident-prone locations and attempt to improve any resolvable issues complicating traffic in the areas.

If you are interested in more Farmington Hills stories, tips, and legal news that may affect the area, visit the Lee Free blog.

Farmington Hills Emergency Resources Contact Information

If you are involved in a serious accident in Farmington or Farmington Hills, you or your loved ones may require immediate emergency attention from medical and/or law enforcement personnel.

While pursuing your case, we may engage with one or more of the following hospitals, law enforcement agencies, and or trustees offices depending on the client’s needs.

Why Hire The Law Office of Lee Steinberg for Your Farmington Car Accident or Personal Injury Case?

The Law Office of Lee Steinberg is a preeminent Michigan personal injury law firm. Our past experience and success has been recognized by our fellow peers as well as prominent organizations, including Super Lawyers.

Our first goal is to ease the stress you are experiencing as a result of your accident and as you consider legal action. A single phone call to our office can wipe away the built-up worry as our expert attorneys answer your questions and address your concerns. Depending on what is most convenient for you, we can consult with you at any of our four office locations, or we can travel to be with you at your home or in the hospital.

Additionally, we will NEVER settle your case until we have fully informed you of its potential value and received your authority to finalize an agreement. Use our free contact form or call The Law Office of Lee Steinberg today at (800) 533-3733 to begin.