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Michigan Traffic Safety: Vehicle Crash Statistics for 2023

michigan car accident statistics

The Michigan State Police recently released a new report analyzing traffic crash data from 2023. Our team at the Lee Steinberg Law Firm has compiled some of this data to observe interesting trends in numbers and causes of Michigan motor vehicle accidents.

How Many Vehicle Crashes Were in Michigan in 2023?

In 2023, there were 287,953 total crashes, which included cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses, and other vehicles. This represented a 2% decrease from 2022 when there were 293,341 crashes. Even though there were less crashes in 2023, the number of injuries increased by about 1%, from 70,281 to 71,085.

Below is a chart showing the number of motor vehicle crashes, including car crashes, in Michigan over the past decade.

image 1

The most populous counties naturally had the highest number of crashes and injuries. Here is the breakdown:

County                                   Crashes                             Injuries


There Were Large Decreases in Alcohol and Drug Related Crashes – A Surprise?

A big change in 2023 was the large decrease in the number of motor vehicle crashes involving drugs and alcohol. Given how prevalent marijuana has become in Michigan, this is somewhat of a surprise. If anything, one would expect the number of drug related crashes to only increase as marijuana consumption has increased since legalization in 2018.

But the numbers tell a different story. In 2023, the number of crashes involving alcohol dropped from 9,331 to 8,817, representing a large 6% decrease compared to 2022. The number of fatalities also dropped from 322 to 297, or 8% year over year. Meanwhile, the number of drug related crashes fell a whopping 8% in 2023 compared to 2022.

However, not all the numbers were good. The amount of drug related crashes that resulted in fatalities increased by 3%, from 249 to 256.

Motorcycle Crashes Decreased in 2023

Motorcycle crashes usually involve the most catastrophic injuries for riders and passengers. Fortunately, in 2023 the total number of motorcycle crashes decreased 3% from 3,158 to 3,056. The number of fatalities dropped 5% in 2023. In fact, this represents the third straight year the number of Michigan motorcycle crashes dropped.

Crash Statistics for Specific Types of Accidents

Distracted Driving Accident Stats

Distracted driving is a common problem in the state of Michigan. Cell phone use remains a major issue along with other electronic devices while driving. 

According to data from the report, the following were the most common causes of distracted driver-related accidents:

  • Using a cell phone to talk, text, or dial: 1,726 crashes
  • Using a hands-free device to talk: 205 crashes
  • Using some other electronic device: 1,610 crashes
  • Passenger distraction: 735 crashes
  • Other activity inside the vehicle causing distraction: 5,696 crashes

In 2023, there were 15,136 accidents caused by distracted driving. This number is a slight decrease from 2022.


Michigan personal injury lawyer Eric Steinberg, a partner at the Lee Steinberg Law Firm believes the decrease in distracted driving, in particular cell phone use, can be attributed to better education. “There has been a considerable push to educate people of all ages about the dangers of distracted driving, in particular using your cell phone. I think this finally may be having an impact. Let’s hope it continues.”

Young Drivers Continue To Cause More Crashes in Michigan

The statistics for young drivers (age 16-20) have not gotten better. Young drivers continue to cause a disproportionate number of crashes and fatalities, and 2023 was not better. More than 15% of all car crashes in Michigan were caused by this small age group. And the number of fatalities increased 6% from 2022. 

Work-Zone Involved Crash Stats

There was an 8% increase in work-zone accidents from 2022 to 2023. In 2022, there were 7,436 work-zone crashes, and in 2023 there were 8,017. Interestingly, Tuesdays had the highest number of work-zone crashes, and the month in which work-zone accidents were higher was October, with 1,071 crashes.

There are many reasons why a crash might occur in a work zone, but some of the most common causes include:

  • Speeding and disobeying reduced work-zone speed limits
  • Increased traffic congestion in work zones during rush hour
  • Distracted driving in work zones
  • Aggressive or reckless driving in work zones

Large Increase in Pedestrian Accident Crashes

Michigan saw a dramatic increase in the number of pedestrian involved crashes in 2023. In fact, the number of crashes increased from 1,897 to 2,114, an 11% increase. The number of pedestrian fatalities also increased 6%. The increase in pedestrian crashes in Michigan is not really a surprise, but a return to pre-Covid levels when the state consistently had more than 2,000 pedestrian crashes each year.

School Bus Accident Stats

School bus accidents have decreased in 2023 to 988 from 1,041 school bus crashes in 2022. This number is actually lower than pre-Covid levels when Michigan routinely saw more than 1,000 school bus crashes every year.

Here are a few of the most common causes of school bus accidents:

  • Driver fatigue in the morning
  • Speeding in school zones
  • Failing to obey school bus stop signs
  • Traffic congestion during rush hour when school buses are out on the roads
  • Lack of training for bus drivers

Other Notable Changes in Michigan Traffic Accidents

The latest data also suggests a mixed bag regarding the type of crashes that have occurred.

  • Cell phone-involved crashes – decreased by 5% in 2023
  • Cell phone-involved fatalities – decreased by 8% in 2023
  • Cell phone-involved injuries – increased by 3% in 2023

With more older drivers on the road, the number of accidents caused by individuals age 65 years-old or older increased in every category.

  • Age 65-74 – 2% increase
  • Age 75-84 – 7% increase
  • Age 85+ – 8% increase

There were notable changes in the number of crashes based on vehicle types:

  • Motorhomes saw a 38% increase in the number of crashes. There are a lot more motor homes on the road post-Covid.
  • Snowmobiles had a 39% decrease in crashes. This could be weather-related.
  • ORV (off-road vehicles) witnessed a 13% drop in crashes
  • Both Golf carts and Mopeds saw a small increase in crashes. 

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