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10 Dangerous Intersections in Monroe County, Michigan

Dangerous Intersections in Monroe County, Michigan

Dangerous Intersections in Monroe County, Michigan


  • The community of Monroe was recently called out for being the worst Michigan city to drive in.
  • 24/7 Wall St, a consumer website that analyses data and provides special reports requested by investors, provided the city ranking based on commuter times and traffic accident fatalities.
  • A large number of daily commuters and dangerous intersections also contributed to the growing city’s dismal driving grade.
  • The Lee Steinberg Law Firm reviewed the report’s measurements, as well as common accident causes in Monroe County and crash data provided Michigan State Police to identify 10 dangerous roads in the area to travel.

Monroe Named Worst Michigan City to Drive In

Located on the western side of the state, 25 miles south of Detroit, Monroe, Michigan has been identified in an April 2019 review by 24/7 Wall St as the worst city in the state to drive in. According to the study, the city had 15.4 traffic fatalities per 100,000 people and a 25-minute average commute time with 92.4 percent of commuters driving to work.

Michigan state averages generated by the report were:

  • 3 traffic fatalities per 100,000 people
  • 3 minutes for the average commute time
  • 2 percent of commuters driving to work

Monroe is known as a commuter residence for workers traveling to Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Flint areas. Commuters who practice unsafe driver behaviors contribute to a significant number of roadway deaths and permanent injuries to others as they face longer driver times than others. If you are a commuter from Monroe, it’s best to follow safe commuter driving tips such as:

  • Always allow extra travel time to navigate areas that are known to be busy and congested.
  • Distracted driving has become a crisis on all roadways. Don’t text or talk on the phone and avoid taking your hands off the wheel and eyes off the road.
  • Keep plenty of distance between you and other vehicles to help with reaction times, especially semi-trucks. The higher your speed, for instance, the longer and more time it will take you to come to a complete stop.

In general, practicing patient and calm driving can significantly reduce crash risk factors between everyone sharing the road.

Examples of Common Accidents in Monroe, Michigan

M-50 Chain-Reaction Commuter Crash

Five vehicles were involved in a chain-reaction crash in March of 2019. The collision closed M-50 in Monroe in both directions for a time. The accident resulted in multiple injuries to drivers and passengers, some of them dangerous to young children, according to Michigan State Police, Monroe Post.

Investigating police say the chain reaction of events started when an eastbound vehicle was stopped on M-50, waiting for westbound traffic to clear and attempting to turn left. Several of the drivers were commuters.

Chain-reaction crashes often create serious injuries which require life-altering decisions concerning finances and employment to be to be made by individuals and their families.

Mall of Monroe Backups

As the 2019 summer break kicked off, a frequent afternoon crash involving young drivers occurred on US-24 near Walmart, 2150 N. Telegraph Rd. The accident happened at the traffic light near the Murphy gas station where the Mall Road loops around the stores.

Dangerous crossroads can be identified by having heavy traffic, poor signage and street lighting, discontinuous sidewalks, a reputation for aggressive and speeding drivers, and busy with heavy bicycle and pedestrian traffic. Mix those risks factors with inexperienced or distracted drivers, and an accident is likely to occur.

Fatal Interstate Semi-Truck Accident

In January of 2019, one person died in a semi-truck vs. pickup truck accident at the intersection of M-50 and Herr Road in the early morning hours. Police reports say the pickup abruptly pulled into the lane in front of the semi, causing the semi to collide with the back of the vehicle. Unfortunately, the semi driver, a 54-year-old man, did not survive his injuries. Though the number of semi-truck accidents has decreased over the years in Michigan, the likelihood of a fatality in such an accident remains very high, much higher than with other kinds of vehicles.

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10 Intersections That Contribute to Monroe’s Dangerous Driving Ranking

Every year The Federal Highway Administration reports approximately 2.5 million intersection accidents. Poorly constructed and congested intersections remained contributing factors for Monroe County crashes and related injuries in 2018, especially those that intersect at already busy corners, lined with retail businesses and near freeway on and off ramps. According to the Michigan State Police Traffic Crash Reporting Unit, those intersections include:

  1. Telegraph Road at Stewart Road in Frenchtown Township
    • 35 Total Crashes, 5 Injuries
  2. Telegraph Road at I-275 in Ash Township
    • 32 Total Crashes, 7 Injuries
  3. Secor Road at Sterns Road in Bedford Township
    • 32 Total Crashes, 7 Injuries
  4. Telegraph Road at Custer Road in Monroe
    • 22 Total Crashes, 4 Injuries
  5. Telegraph Road at Dunbar Road in Monroe Township
    • 16 Total Crashes, 11 Injuries
  6. Cole Road at Monroe Street in Frenchtown Township
    • 15 Total Crashes, 4 Injuries
  7. Ramp at I-75 and Dixie Highway in Frenchtown Township
    • 15 Total Crashes, 6 Injuries
  8. I-275 at Will Carleton Road in Ash Township
    • 15 Total Crashes, 3 Injuries
  9. Lewis Avenue at Sterns Road in Bedford Township
    • 15 Total Crashes, 3 Injuries
  10. Telegraph Road at Lorain Street in Monroe
    • 15 Total Crashes, 10 Injuries

Our motor vehicle accident injury attorneys have been reviewing Michigan’s most dangerous roads and intersections for some time now. And while we know there are plenty of other communities home to all types of driving dangers such as distracted drivers, poorly engineered roads and too high of speed limits, greater awareness and traffic data tracking as noted through the report by 24/7 Wall St, is an excellent step to understanding how to make Michigan roads safer.

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The truth is, even the unthinkable can happen to the safest driver out there, and car crashes that end with serious injuries occur far more frequently than most of us realize.

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