Frequent Occurrence of Car Accidents Involving Expectant Mothers

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Car Accidents and Expectant Mothers – An Unfortunate Yet Frequent Occurrence

Will You and Your Baby Experience an Auto Accident?

Expecting a baby is a happy time for lucky mothers (and fathers) but also an anxious one. With more pregnant women working longer and commuting further, the chance of being in an auto accident is pretty good. Whether you live in an urban area or rural one, the fact remains that one in 50 women will experience an auto accident during their pregnancy.

Crashes Pose Greater Risk During Second Trimester

Auto accidents are an ever present danger in our society. A recent Canadian study found that the risk is 42% greater during the second trimester that pregnant drivers will be involved in a crash. Whether factors like fatigue, nausea or any other of the other annoying symptoms women encounter during pregnancy play a part in this figure is not known.

Steering Wheels and Improperly Used Seatbelts Contribute to Injuries

Car design has not kept up with the safety of expectant mothers. Injuries from improper seatbelt use (because they just don’t fit comfortably over an ever growing bump) or from colliding with the steering wheel during a crash are a real threat. Motor vehicle injuries are the leading cause of fetal injury or death as well as the mother being hospitalized or dying.

There’s No Such Thing as a Minor Accident for Pregnant Women

Even a minor impact on a mother’s belly is enough to cause placental detachment which accounts for 80% of all fetal deaths following a car crash. A low-speed accident may seem like a minor incident but problems may not be outwardly visible. That’s why it is so important to have a medical professional check both mother and baby out immediately following the crash.

Pre-mature Deliveries Often Bring Long-Term Expenses

Accidents can also cause early deliveries. Depending on how far along a mother is, the child may suffer from complications and ongoing medical needs. Developmental issues for a newborn can be costly issues for the family to endure. From weeks in a NICU unit to extra care at home for long term disabilities, having the money to cover these expenses is an added worry no parent should have to deal with.

Focus on Your Family, Not the Paperwork

During this emotionally charged time your focus needs to be on your family. Having an advocate in your corner to deal with insurance adjusters and start legal proceedings takes a weight off your mind. That’s why calling a personal injury lawyer is the best move. If the worst happens and you lose your child in an accident, having a representative looking out for your interests allows you to grieve.

Let the Lee Steinberg Law Firm Litigate Your Claim

Handling difficult cases and providing grieving parents with our undivided attention is what we do at the Lee Steinberg Law Firm. Knowing the right questions to ask and providing support for the stressful days ahead is where we excel. We have the training to litigate your claim.

Our Auto Accident Attorneys Can Help You

If you are an expectant mother and you were injured in a car accident, the auto accident attorneys at the Lee Steinberg Law Firm would like to speak to you. Even if you were being negligent in your behavior, it is likely the driver of the vehicle that hit you would still be at least partially liable. Call us today for a free consultation about your case: 1-800-LEE-FREE.