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Keep Your Car Healthy Through Winter By Taking These 10 Maintenance Actions Now

10 Ways You Can Help Your Car Survive a Michigan Winter If you are starting to notice the colder weather, we are betting your car is too. And it’s never a good idea to be driving your vehicle around in a Midwest winter if you haven’t had the preventative maintenance or car care checks recommended [...]

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I Was In A Michigan Car Accident With An Uber, Now What?

What Happens If I Am In An Uber Accident? More and more people are utilizing ride sharing services such as Uber and Lyft to get around. Their popularity has increased dramatically over just the past few years, as we can now access rides to almost anywhere with our own cell phone. Uber has become particularly [...]

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Michigan Raises the Maximum Wage Loss Benefit – Effective October 1, 2017

Maximum Wage Loss Benefit Has Been Raised The monthly cap on wage loss benefits increased at the beginning of this month. This rule effects Michigan no-fault PIP cases and individuals entitled to wage loss benefits. As required under Michigan law, specifically Administrative Rule 500.811, the statutory adjustment was applied and the new maximum wage loss [...]

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Is Uninsured Motorist Coverage Mandatory in Michigan?

One of the biggest issues facing Michigan drivers today is the large number of uninsured drivers. Due to various factors, the number of uninsured motorist on Michigan roads has increased over time. According to a recent article, over 20% of all drivers are operating their vehicles on Michigan roadways uninsured. That’s 1 out of every [...]

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Minimize Dangerous Situations After a Car Crash with These Tips

Secondary Crash Involved Detroit Department of Transportation Bus Authorities are currently investigating a secondary crash on Detroit's east side involving a Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) bus and an SUV driver and her vehicle. The crash injured at least one person and was a series of two accidents. Police say it started when two vehicles [...]

Safety Tips for You Fall Corn Mazes, Hayrides & Other Activities

How To Avoid Common Injuries While Enjoying Michigan’s Favorite Fall Activities It is fall in Michigan and that means endless opportunities to plow through a corn maze or hop on a hayride with your family. These can be such memorable and enjoyable experiences for all ages but they also can come with a risk to [...]

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Mayor Duggan’s Newest No-Fault Proposal Is Rotten to the Core

New No-Fault Proposal Will Severely Cut Coverage Detroit mayor Mike Duggan, with House majority leader Thomas Leonard (R-DeWitt), unveiled the latest round of Michigan no-fault “reform” last week. With the introduction of House Bill 5013, the mayor and other insurance company folks are taking aim once again the one of the nation’s most robust automobile [...]

Workplace Injuries Can Occur As a Result of Discrimination

Jackson Restaurant Said to Have Discriminated Against Pregnant Worker A well-known restaurant with locations in Jackson, Sterling Heights and Ann Arbor, has been accused of illegally firing women after it becomes known the workers are pregnant. Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse in Jackson is under closest review after complaints that managers fired an employee for being six-months pregnant [...]

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3 Tips to Protect Yourself From Bill Collectors After an Accident

Stop Bill Collectors From Harassing You After Your Car Accident A sad but common occurrence for Michigan auto accident victims is dealing with debt collection agencies and annoying or harassing phone calls from bill collectors or debt buyers. And even though under the Michigan No-Fault Law, insurance should cover all medical expenses related to the car [...]

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Lansing Woman’s Forklift Injury Shines Light on Workplace Accidents

Lansing Woman Struck By Forklift, Injured After Being Pinned Beneath A 60-year-old woman from Lansing was recently hit by a forklift - and then pinned beneath the heavy equipment - while at her job at SA Automotive in Webberville. Another worker, a 57-year-old man, had been operating the forklift in reverse when the Powered Industrial [...]

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