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You May Be Eligible to Fast-Track Your Social Security Claims

Some May Receive Social Security Benefits Faster Through Compassionate Allowance Program People most often apply to receive disability benefits after they have been diagnosed with a disabling condition that affects their ability to work. This disability can often leave both individuals and their family members without financial support. The Social Security Administration (SSA) recently reported that [...]

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Two Teenagers Die in Single-Car Accident in Lansing

Tragic Lansing Crash Takes Lives of Two Local Teenagers A devastating crash involving two teenage girls recently occurred on I-96 in Wheatfield Township. According to Michigan State Police, the girls were traveling westbound on I-96 and crashed in the early evening hours near the Williamston Road exit in Ingham County. Crash scene investigators have reported that [...]

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Midland County Car Accident Statistics for 2016

Midland County Car Accident Statistics Midland County has a number of busy streets, highways and roadways. From Saginaw Street to Main Street, US 10 to M20, county roadways are busy with cars, SUVS, pickup trucks and commercial trucks transporting people and things to various places. However, like other counties in Michigan, Midland County is not [...]

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West Bloomfield Has Most Dangerous Intersection in Michigan

West Bloomfield, Michigan, Has One of Most Dangerous Intersections in the Country TIME Magazine has reviewed 10 years of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data that measured traffic accidents involving both automobiles and pedestrians and used the findings to determine the most dangerous intersection in each U.S. state. TIME gave the title of the most dangerous intersection in [...]

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Lawmakers & Insurance Companies Team Up Again to Go After Michigan No-Fault Law

Back To The Future – Michigan No-Fault Law Under Attack Again After failing to pass last fall, the Michigan legislature is once again going to introduce bills in Lansing seeking to radically alter the Michigan no-fault law and Michigan car accident law. The latest bills, which have not been introduced yet, are expected to outright [...]

Outdoor Workers Have Rights & Protections in Michigan Winter

Preventing Michigan Workers from Cold Weather Injuries Here in Michigan, there can be several days each month when temperatures will drop to 10 degrees Fahrenheit or below, presenting a potentially hazardous time for outdoor workers. For those employed by (among others) construction companies, utility agencies, delivery services, police, fire and rescue departments, workers can spend [...]

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Dangerous Street in Macomb County Sees Another Fatal Crash

Collisions with School Buses Often Have Deadly Outcomes All of us at the Law Offices of Lee Steinberg were saddened to hear a 37-year-old mother-of-three had died after the Buick Century she was driving crashed with a school bus in Macomb County. Authorities have been able to confirm that the woman lost control of her [...]

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Top 5 Vehicles Unveiled at Detroit Auto Show 2018

We are car fanatics here at the Law Offices of Lee Steinberg, P.C. The Detroit Auto Show is always a fun experience. Whether you’re into trucks, sedans, or SUVs, this year’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit has something for everyone to enjoy. Saturday, January 20th, kicked off the NAIAS’s public show, giving local [...]

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Michigan Snowmobile Accident Survivor Can Pursue Case for Compensation

Alcohol and Drugs Led to Snowmobile Accident Snowmobile accidents in Michigan occur every winter throughout the state. Oftentimes, they involve the use of alcohol or drugs, as riders negligently mix good fun with bad decision making. When this happens, horrible accidents can occur. In Cadillac, Michigan in January 2015, such a snowmobile accident did occur. [...]

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What You Should Know if You Get in an Accident with an Uninsured Motorist

Michigan Uninsured Motorist Insurance An estimated 20% of all Michigan motorists do not currently have auto insurance. That number is higher in many communities, including Detroit and Flint. The reasons for expensive auto insurance in Michigan vary and stir a lot of debate, but the bottom line is that there is a 1 in 5 [...]