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Which Car Insurance Company Is Responsible For Paying My No-Fault Claim?

Which Michigan car insurance company is responsible for paying my claim? That’s an important question. The Michigan No-Fault Law provides a framework for determining which insurance company is responsible for paying no-fault benefits. This is often referred to as the “order of priority.” The insurance company responsible for paying has the “highest” order of priority. […]

How to Read a Michigan Car Insurance Declaration Page

Michigan car insurance can be confusing. The insurance policies and the declaration page that accompanies the policy can be equally confusing. Each policyholder who purchases Michigan car insurance receives both an insurance policy and a declaration page. Understanding what a declaration page means is important because it describes the financial protections and coverage you have […]

What Are Michigan’s Speed Limit Laws?

Getting information about the speed limit laws in Michigan are important for every driver. Some roadways have posted speed limits while others do not. A driver must know the speed limit no matter what the situation. Speeding is one of the leading causes of injury and wrongful death in Michigan car accident cases. In 2022, […]

How Much Car Insurance Do I Need?

How Much PIP Coverage Should I Get in Michigan? With Michigan now offering different choices for no-fault coverage, people wonder how much car insurance they need to purchase. More specifically, how much PIP coverage do I need and what are my options? The Michigan no-fault law changed dramatically in 2019 when Governor Whitmer signed sweeping […]

Golden Apple Teacher Award – Michigan

Recently, the Lee Steinberg Law Firm recognized third-grade teacher Dawn Wiles as the latest recipient of the Golden Apple Award. She is a most deserving winner. The Golden Apple Award is sponsored by the Lee Steinberg Law Firm in conjunction with Mid-Michigan NOW and television stations WEYI (NBC 25) and WSMH (Fox 66). Too often, […]

Cancellation of Michigan Auto Insurance

What Happens if the Insurance Company Cancels My Policy A car insurance company telling you that your auto policy has been cancelled is a scary event. A discussion like this after a serious car wreck can be catastrophic, resulting in massive unpaid medical bills, mounting lost wages and other costs. Over the past few years, […]